Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I need feedback from you viewers

Sorry I've not been blogging more lately, but getting the business upgraded and off the ground has been taking most all the available time I have lately. I've been beating the streets, knocking doors to meet new customers, working on the PR web site, trying to re-code from scratch the e-commerce web site with the new product materials, create flyers and brochures to give out to potential customers, and still trying to actually get the work done that's coming in, slow as that is this time of year. All that has left little time for much else.


I'm looking for some help from a few of you to help me "feel out' the new web site. I've got it up and running, and it's about 30% complete at this point. If you would be so kind as to take a few minutes to give me your HONEST opinions on the content (I'm not worried about the "design" yet) I would really appreciate it. I'm sure some of you know, trying to market a plethora of services through one portal can be tough. I've got a lot of "sorting" to do with the structure, but I'll get there.


The site is www.twnetworx.com. It's pretty basic, but most of the content is there by now. We're still working on adding products, services, and some bells and whistles. I'd REALLY APPRECIATE anyone who can take the time to proof-read it, review it, give your opinion, suggest new ideas etc.


Also I'm starting a new IT blog, one I'm eventually going to integrate into the business web site. Meanwhile, I'm open to all challengers for helping me out on this. Check out the tech-blog at http://twnetworx.spaces.live.com and see what we've got going on. Since I only have ONE post on there at the moment, I'm offering you all a chance for free tech support! Put your computer question(s) in the comments section of this blog (here on scooby central) and I'll post your question and the answer to it on the tech blog. If I can figure it out and you want me to, I'll post a picture of you there so we can use you for a testimonial! If I can't figure it out, well, then I guess I'm offering free telephone troubleshooting while I DO figure it out!


Write back, comment, visit the other sites, tell your friends, whatever! I'm trying to run a business so I'll be happy to help any new customers I can! You know our rates are great and our service is undisputed! Help me out by publicizing us as much as you can around your town!






  1. Regarding Exchange Server 2003: Want to configure intranet mail across subnets so that we can utilize shared calendars. Currently there are two subnets in our network topology. Two servers, both running Server 2003 (secondary server has the Exchange Server) clients are running XP, and a mix of Office 2003/2007. Is it possible to do this and if so, then how should we proceed? Thanks in advance. Happy to provide more details if needed. Peace, Mykal

  2. Shouldn't be a problem if you are running the enviroment in active directory. The actual shared permissions for the calendars would be taking place on the exchange server. Are you running into issues with doing this or is this just something you would like to do?

  3. Is something I've been wanting to do for about 6 months, but our tech guy is not very familiar with Exchange. Currently I have to use a third-party app for appts, but would like to move everything to Outlook. Would be much much easier for scheduling, and I know my assistant would appreciate it, too. Active Directory is currently running between the servers, so that is good news that this is possible. Thanks for your response, and I'll keep you updated. Peace!


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