Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Scoobies go to Pamlico!


Thanks to the coolest connections (ie: my Mom) the Scoobs have been invited to a once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend an off-season week on the beach. I would usually have put WAY more time into planning this, but the opportunity fell in our lap with little notice and there's NO way I'm turning it down!

Mr. Roger Meekins has been kind enough to offer us the "Sentinel on Pamlico" for a week's stay. We can check in on Wednesday, January 9th, and check out on Sunday January 13th. There will be NO more awesome way to start out 2008 than down here on the beach! I've called some of you who I think might can make time to come down.  I know others of you are working, but if any of you can make it down for even the weekend portion, we would LOVE to have you! I grew up on the beach working on houses like this and in 30 years I've never been offered the chance to have a million dollar home to myself for the week!

How it all happened:

Mom has known Mr. Meekins for years and when he built the house, he had shown it to Mom and my brother one day when they were down there. Mom told him that she would love one day to be able to stay in a house like this for a weekend or so... well, yesterday he called and said "You got a calendar in front of you?" Mom said "yeah, sure. Whacha need?" Boom... we got a house.

Thanks to the fact that I have amazingly cool friends, my Mom has always had a good time when they were around and always thought a lot of all of you guys, so it's really her, not me, who's offering us the house. She's asked me to invite all that I can and told me that she hopes you all show up. (And no, my Mom's going to be there crashing the party or anything... you can act up as you will... within reason of course).


The Sentinel has 8 bedrooms and 8 full baths,  plus 3 half-baths. It's situated on the Soundfront, but due to its location on Rodanthe, is also pretty much oceanfront as well. We have plenty of rooms, decks, lounges, and each bedroom has a full private bath, so no sharing of the showers!

To read the details on the house, you can go here:



This is an awesome chance for us to have some fun, but we have to take care of Mr. Meekins' house. You can't smoke inside, so go outside for that. Otherwise, it's just freakin' awesome. It's ok if it's too cold to go outside to smoke... the fireplace is accessible from outside too! How cool is that? This place rents for 3000.00 per week in January and 8,000.00 in July, so we have to treat it with the utmost respect. Otherwise, we're free to have a good time and do whatever! The only thing we have to do is to clean up behind ourselves and leave the house in good shape when we leave.

Bring your laptops or what have you because the place has wireless internet access included.


Floor Plan:

For those who want to see the floorplan, it's listed here below:




Knew I was getting to that didn't ya? The cost for the house and staying as long as you want.... is free. The only thing you have to do is help pay for your own food and drinks. Some people might bring drinks down for the gang. Be kind and chip in!

My mom has gotten us this house for the week for free, so the only thing I ask of all of us who go is that we pay for her food. I don't think Mom should have to pay anything, considering she got us the place for nothing.


More Info On The House:

Here are a few more pics of the house, so you can get a little preview of what's to come:

The Swan Club Pub (4th Floor of the lighthouse area)


The other side of the pub room:


One of the lounges:


Sunset on the West Deck:


The House From The Air:


Another of the Lounges:


The main dining room (and you can't tell me this isn't cool!)



Final Note:

Anyone else that wants to come, simply email me and let me know so I can make sure we have room. You can stay any time frame from Wednesday until Sunday, but you have to help clean up whatever day you leave... that's the only rule. I'm not cleaning a 20,000 sq. ft house by myself! lol.





  1. At times like this, I wish I were on the East Coast. :( Anyways have loads of fun!

  2. Dude. I wish you were too! What's it cost for a plane ticket to the east coast with 3 days notice? LOL. Wish you were here man!

  3. Today I received the key and an operational manual(I kid you not!!) for the house. I am soooo looking forward this time. It will be the last chance I have to have some free time before it all hits the fan for me again in the accounting world. I want whoever is coming to leave their worries, grudges, whatever bad baggage they have at their homes. I want all of us to have a great few days.

  4. Thanks Mom. I'm with you on that one! I've had about ten phone calls from people saying variations on "Holy Crap.. can I come?" Looks like youre gonna get to meet ALL the scoobs on this one.


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