Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ebay Sales: Got New Stuff

I put some new stuff on eBay today. I'm just trying to get some extra traffic, by posting it on here. If you know anyone interested, let me know:

  • ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500 DV AGP4X

    Item Information

    This video card was pulled from a customer's computer who decided to upgrade to a new PC. It works fine and was working fine for the customer. It's not a high-end gaming card if that's what you're looking for. It does have digital output and coax-TV input, so it's perfect for someone who wants a decent strong video card and wants to watch Television on the computer. Manufacturer Information is below.

    Manufacturer Information

    With 64MB of DDR memory, unbelievable graphics, TV and video capture & editing features, the All-in-Wonder® Radeon™ 8500DV is the revolutionary all-in-one 3D graphics and multimedia experience.

  • Kingston PC 133 256MB SDRAM Memory Module

    Item Information

    This is a perfect memory upgrade module for an older PC in need of a little boost. This was pulled from a customer's computer who made a trade-in and couldn't use it in their new computer. Memory works fine.

    That's it for me.. no more work for today!

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