Wednesday, January 30, 2008

eBay sellers plan revolt over new policies, strike 2/18-25

eBay won't allow Digg to link to the seller forum posts, so I'm linking to the CNN article for the press release and will expand in the comments. eBay sellers planning "Strike-Week" for February 18-25th due to increased fees and seller restrictions. If Google would get into the game now, they would wipe eBay off the map.

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  1. Ebay Sellers United For Change! Come see us, link to us, help us, Digg Us, whatever you can to help.

    This is a place to vent your frustrations (because face it, we need that right now) but it's also a place where we can collectively put our heads together to offer eBay promising alternatives to their proposed changes.

    Help the cause and spread the word, please!


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