Monday, January 28, 2008

Vonage Sucks

Now that I'm on hold with Vonage, for an estimated 25 minutes more, I decided to use that time to share JUST how bad vonage sucks. Late last week a friend of mine (Tim) got me to try Skype Pro, which gives me unlimited outbound calls to the US and Canada for a whopping $36.00 per year.


After trying repeatedly to contact vonage via phone (their actual customer service lines were dead.. how funny is that? I'm trying to cancel my phone service because it sucks and I can't call THEM because it sucks so bad THEIR lines aren't working! Irony?) I tried to reach them via email, only to be told that "we have to speak to the person on the phone to verify they are the account holder before we can discontinue service."


Ok... most of you know I have a large amount of patience, but it does have a finite limit. I googled alternate phone numbers for vonage, and found one, only to find that it too was dead... wow. Having no alternative, I called the Sales line and told the guy on the phone that HE was going to put me through to SOMEONE who could disconnect my service. He hells me" ok..umm.. I guess I can do that..." Damn right bucky, you sure can. Now get your butt outta that chair and go get me a human being RIGHT NOW!

Twenty minutes later, after he has returned to the phone about 15 times to ask me if I want to wait, he STILL can't get me transferred. Now, I appreciate his loyalty, because what he didn't want to do was tell me that "Umm.. sir.. you're right.. our customer service lines are dead" So instead he tells me they are all working with other customers, but you can tell he's lying because the poor dude was just about in tears trying to get me off the phone.. to ANYONE besides him who could just cancel my account. Well, guess what happened.. their phone system dropped my call... WONDERFUL SERVICE you turd buckets!


Now, it's three days later, Monday.. and I've been on hold for about 20 minutes already just to cancel my account. I've actually been subjected to 30 second intervals from their sales promos telling me how wonderful they are.. it's getting aggravating. I've paid 24.95 for 12 months, and 9.95 for the last three months and used the phone exactly zero times... now I can't even get rid of it!

Think I'm alone in this? I decided to google the words "Vonage Sucks" just to see what I get. lol.


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  15. Still on hold.. 15 more minutes now.
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  9. Still hold.. good God, this sucks.
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HA.. I got bored and tried to do something but this guy beat me to it:

I'm really getting irate now. I seriously wonder if I'm going to have to deal with this guy who says "Well, let's see how we can help you out. Maybe we can convince you not to cancel." It's a good thing I can't reach through this phone and choke someone to death.


Wow.. I'm now at 35:34 minutes on hold and counting... it's 8:21 now.. been on hold this LAST time since 7:45, plus the two calls previous tonight when I just gave up..

HOLY CRAP! I screen captured when they actually answered!


See that? 40 minutes to get someone.. and then YES, she's still trying to offer me free months and actually trying to get me to REFER people to them! LMAO! Get a life people! You SUCK! No one wants you! Vonage is like that fat pimpled girl in high-school with poor hygiene and no teeth.. c'mon!


46 minutes and 11 seconds and I'm finally free of Vonage! Yeah!


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