Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stocks Plummet 400 Points (Dow Jones Drops Like a Hot Rock)

This morning, the central bank cut their federal funds rate by .75%, the largest drop since the recession in 1991, as a stop gap measure to attempt to halt the plummeting Dow Jones, which dropped 400 points in the opening minutes of trading this morning. Today, in addition to his 145 Billion dollar tax cut, Bush is calling congress together to seek other ways to increase consumer spending; providing additional tax cuts for small businesses in 2008, increasing deductible allocations for consumers, and other means of saving the economy from going into a recession. They're even considering giving individual tax payers $800.00 and married couples up to $1,600.00 Here's an idea, just from my stick-in-the-mud side of the tracks:
Let me see how this would affect me personally, someone pretty much in the middle-american demographic. I have two jeeps in my family, both with 20 gallon tanks. At the current rate of $3.09 per gallon, that's about $60.00 per week per vehicle, so about $120.00 per week. Divided by the average number of weeks per month/per year (4.33) means I aproximately $519.60 per month for fuel just to get April and I to work.
Wow, what if the shithead pricks in congress decided to screw the oil companies for a change instead of me, the consumer, and forced prices back to where they were a few years ago. Let's just go back to when it was $1.87 per gallon. I liked those days... at this point $1.87/gallon sounds like heaven.
Well, now I'm paying:
20 gallons x 2 cars/week = 40 gallons(+/-) at a rate of 1.87/gallon = 74.80 per week = 323.88 per month = $3,886.56 per year in fuel costs.
Currently I'm paying approximately $6235.20 per year.
(remember, these are pure work related expenses, not counting fuel consumed driving to go on vacation, see family, visit a relative, go to a concert, etc.)
So, you can send ALL of congress the hell home. Every american with an ounce of sense has already fixed your problem. You're just too hard-headed to listen!
Dont cut ANY taxes. Keep your damned money right where it is. Instead screw someone ELSE for a change instead of the american tax payer and you save americans at LEAST $1,174.32 per car annually for those of us who burn one tank of gas per week.
PS: If they don't drive, don't work, don't pay taxes, and are here without a visa: SCREW EM. I bet oil companies would hire 'em after a few months of this kind of legislation...

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