Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This is getting to be work!

This is getting to be time consuming! Social networks are a pain! lol.

  1. Take Photos
  2. Download photos to computer
  3. Tag photos in vista
  4. Clean photos in picasa
  5. Export selected photos in smaller-scale (for non-high speed friends)
  6. Login to google
  7. Upload photos to google and make new album.
  8. Write blog post for Scooby Central.
  9. Upload Blog Post
  10. Upload OTHER blog post.
  11. Login to facebook.
  12. Upload photos to facebook and make a new album.
  13. Tag facebook friends.
  14. Login to MySpace
  15. Upload photos to myspace and make a new album.
  16. Tag myspace friends.
  17. Smoke a cigarette and wonder when this got to be such a pain.

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