Sunday, October 14, 2007

Too bad NOT to share

A few weeks ago I took my cat, Cordy, in to the vets office to have a routine procedure performed to try to see if it could help with her shedding on the furniture. Now, I'm not one to usually do this sort of thing. I don't take my animals to a salon or put them in ridiculous clothing, but the hair on my new couches was driving me crazy.

Well, I can't say they didn't complete the task.. she definitely wont shed now.. at least for a year or so...


Look at my poor cat!


They shaved my Maine Coon! And the only thing worse than actually being shaved completely is being left looking like someone cross-bred Dr Evil's dog with my cats head!

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  1. Cordy WAS a beautiful cat. ;-)

  2. I know, right?
    They all say "it'll grow back out..." Sure it will.. in about three years!!!! Meanwhile I look like I'm babysitting Dr. Evil's dog! My cat has actually developed a complex.. the other cats are picking on her for it! I hear the things they say! Mean stuff!

  3. Well, imagine how you would feel if all your "fur" was shaved off (oh, wait, you might like that).

  4. Lord, don't let her outside she'll freeze. And I'm sure Cordy can stick up for herself - she is a Yankee after all.

    Hehee... Get it? Yankee? Maine?

  5. Her hair will grow back fairly quick. I had a Himalayan that was beautiful but every few years we would have the close cut - gives new life to the coat. They do act like they are embarrassed - guess I would be too :) Long haired cats are a little more maintenance. I now have two Burmese, so don't have that problem anymore. Our cats are like babies, aren't they?


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