Saturday, October 20, 2007

The changing world...

Today, as I read the news, I discover just how fast the world is changing. In just today's news I read that 140 countries are constantly employing hackers to break into US Government computer systems, the Department of Homeland Security was breached by computer hackers, and that foreign intelligence services are now using video games to recruit spies... what a change from only 5 years ago.

What is America focusing on in the meantime? Well, the major Internet news in government is that RIAA, MPAA, and BREIN are doing their best to beat computer hackers by shutting down P2P sites (and failing miserably I might add). Meanwhile,the rest of the world is employing hackers to break into our computer systems while we work on stopping people from getting free music online.

Do you know why MI5 and MI6 are recruiting through the Internet Gaming community? Because that's where the geeks are, that's where the new talent lies. Forget your requirements for a 4 year degree from Oxford, focus instead on honing your hacking skills and hand-eye coordination in the virtual world. Honestly, it makes perfect sense. The gaming and P2P internet communities are the brightest minds currently in existence on our planet... so the UK decided to try to recruit them for cyber-intelligence. Brilliant! I'd consider moving there just to get the job!

Here's an idea. Start a government funded IT think tank in the US. Yes, I know we already have them... they're clandestine and denied everywhere the world over, but we all know we have them. Hire them from every exosphere of the Internet; Usenet, P2P, gamers, phishers, phreaks, etc. Put them in a huge complex, pay them massive amounts of money, and give them the biggest Internet pipe in the country.

Then you just sit back and tell 'em what you need.... and wait for it to be delivered to you in email.

Whenever you get around to it.. whoever you are.. I want a job.

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  1. I'm so there. Do we get free carpal tunnel surgery?


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