Friday, October 12, 2007

{<!--Code Hurts--!>} I have a headache...

Hey all. It's been a busy few days for me. I've jumped back into the code world with both feet with absolutely no warning. After spending half of the last year in Africa with very little time behind the keyboard it was an adjustment when I decided to take on a new project this week.


My mother and myself are members of a non-profit organization called, NCBBA, short for the North Carolina Beach Buggy Association. After years and years of trying to get them to do so, they finally ran into a problem that necessitated the complete rebuilding of their web site on a new host, complete with new forums, online application processing, AND had to do all this using software and protocols that would make it easy for them to edit their own site, make changes to the shopping carts, administer their own company email server, etc.

So, for the last two and a half days, while rebuilding my office at nights, I have done absolutely nothing but code this new web site for NCBBA. Now, after two days without leaving the house, not being sure I've even showered, and the necessary consumption of unhealthy amounts of caffeine, it's completed. Take a moment and check it out at If you're someone who cared about the ability to preserve our national shoreline for the enjoyment of the public, you might want to consider showing your support by joining. There's actually legislature going before congress that could completely close large portions of our beaches to the public forever! Freedoms like the right to enjoy the natural beauty of the beach and the shore are some of the things this organization fights to preserve. As a non-profit organization, they are forbidden from lobbying, so they depend on people like you who care to spread the word. Check 'em out! Want to chat about how they operate or what they stand for? Join the Buggy Board and ask questions!

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