Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Birthday Photo Update: (The Rest Of The Story)

I was blasted for requests to continue the Birthday party update, so I thought I'd take some time this 4th of July morning to finish what I started last week. When we left off in the photo story, we had covered only Friday night.  Here begins the Saturday saga:


Saturday was a complete blast for me, and I hope for the rest of the folks that showed up. I got up at 7 AM, went in to Manteo to TL's to get coffee and breakfast, and then came back to start the pig by 8:30.

Joe was the first to arrive. He helped us finish setting up and kept me company during the first hour or so until the others started to show up.


Next to arrive was Agent M. This was her first Scooby Beach get-together, so I was really really glad to have her show up. It's hard to ever be bored when M's around.

Sometime shortly after that, the entire gang started to arrive. A lot of our old friends and some new ones were able to make it. Surprisingly a LOT of the family members were able to come too, which was really neat. My  mom's side of my family came, April's family came, and even Doc's Momma and Dad were able to spend the day with us. It's not the same without Doc there to work the pig with me, but having Mr. Gerald there was a great thing.  Of all the men I've ever met in the world in my entire life, I respect this man the most, second to my own grand-father. He's a kind, generous, and down-to-earth man that I would do anything for. He and Ms. Priscilla are just fun to be around.

Early in the morning, I spent some time with the Murphinator playing Volleyball in the front yard.

Claire, the master of disaster on the race track, didn't have the same luck on the volleyball court! lol.

Have I mentioned that I love having this huge front yard at home? Even HALF the yard is large enough for a volleyball court!

A few tents were setup to provide shade while we were cooking and to provide a cool spot to converse and get to know each other.

Some of my family: Jodie and Kim, Aunt Jean, Faye, and the others.

My prep station... lotsa corn.


The gang hangs out while the food is finished.

Munchies Commence!

And there's my baby. 101 pounds of Wilbur, served up hot and spicy! 


This was great. Tim and Murph pull away from the dock in the canoes, readying themselves for a nice jaunt on the water.

They got about twent feet and capsized the canoe...

And then again...

And then again...

Then they gave up on canoeing together! lol

Meanwhile, I was getting rushed to finish this pig. The locals were getting ornery.

Talkin' to Ms. Priscilla

Mitchell, M, and others relax in the shade while the food cooks.

Mr. Gerald kept me company for awhile while we dressed this pig and put the corn on the grill.  The Murphinator is holding his spot in line. lol. This was his first time having eastern NC sauce, but he seemed to really enjoy it.


Mr. Gerald and I complete preparations on the pig and prepare it for serving.

Hanging out chatting with Ms. Lorraine, April's Great Aunt.

Booger Bear wanted a picture, so I got to pose with a pretty lady, my favorite thing to do.

Then I got a picture with MY pretty lady!

Doc's Mama checks in on us and rushes us right along. lol

Now she leaves and MY mama comes to rush us along! You see a trend developing here?

Finally, it's ready to serve!

Joe and M hit the water for a quick lap in a canoe. It was SO funny. At first they started out with Joe in the rear and M in the front, but they were actually sitting backwards. Joe was in the Bow seat, but sitting backwards. Somehow between departing and returning, they managed to get it right without flipping the canoe; quite a feat with the waves going on out there that day.

The Scooby Scull team!

After lunch it was time for cake and cards.

I blow: That's all the joke you're getting out of that!

After lunch I took the gang down to Oregon Inlet to have a small campfire on the beach. The girls get some glamour shots in while the fire is getting started.

M tried to block the wind with my shirt while Nitro and Mitchell attempt to get the blaze going.

You can see.. it's geting darker and still no fire....

About an hour later, we have the beginnings of fire...

This was my rental for the weekend... nice truck!

HEY! We have Fire!

Now we commence to chillin' out in the sand and just hanging out infront of the waves.

Booger-Bear was cold...

Joe had no such complaints.. he was just.. Joe.


Posing for pics.

Bridget has to ride back to the hotel in the back with the beer.

That's all I'm gonna post for now. My next step is to post a huge ZIP file with all the pics for whomever wants to download them all. I've now got all the pics from My camera, Ray's camera and Bridget's camera, so most of the photos are accounted for now. If anyone has others they'd like to share, please do!


  1. Thank you guys, so much, for a wonderful Birthday!!! I will never forget it! The food, family and friends were all I needed to create one Great memory!! Thanks too for the cards and gifts! Thank you, Brenda, for the use of your home and yard. Loved it all!!!

  2. TJ-the pictures and your documentary are absolutely great. I had looked so forward to this event and was not disappointed one little bit.The food was great and the company was outstanding. Thanks to everyone that helped make it a success. Now those of you that not been able to come before know what you have been missing and I hope to see ALL of you again next year.


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