Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Testing Blog Post

This is a test to see if the blog posting via email works. To test this, send an email to I’d like to know if it works from someone’s account or if it will only work from mine.



Best Regards,

Tommy Jordan
CEO, Twisted Networx Solutions

Office: 1-252-321-8974
Mobile (US): 1-252-258-0435

Mobile (London):011-423-663-211262
Mobile: (Libya): 011-218-092-744-8702
Fax: 1-720-293-5318




  1. April tried it and it failed, which might be the way it's supposed to work I think.

    Someone else just send an email to that address and let me know if it goes through... Please.

  2. I tried, and it didn't work.... :(


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