Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kudos to Sprint

Finally, someone national did what we've all wanted to do at one time or another. Check this out...  Sprint decided to go through their customer base, picked approximately 1,000 customers who completely abused their customer service people, and promptly sent them all letters explaining in so uncertain terms that since they call customer service over 50 times per month, Sprint doens't really need their business bad enough to deal with their complaints! They waived all cancellation fees, cancelled the last month's charges, and told them they had till the end of the month to find a new phone provider if they wanted to keep their number!

Hell yeah!

Of course, all the other cellular companies are jumping on them, saying "we'd never do that to our customers, blah blah blah." But the truth is, ANY of us in customer service have had those customers... the ones they make you cringe every time you see them on the caller ID, the ones who call about the exact same thing every time and expect you to serve them for free, the ones who make it so expensive and time consuming to deal with them that you almost have to raise rates on others to compensate for lost time/earnings. I say Hell Yeah Sprint! More companies should follow this approach. The customer is NOT always right!

I'm not even a Sprint customer any more, having swithced to Cingular due to global service reasons, but I still applaud someone standing up for their customer service department!


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