Monday, July 16, 2007

Departure Information

Ok. All appears settled. I'm attaching our flight itinerary for those who want to know. We're leaving on Friday, July 20th from Raleigh and traveling to Tripoli, Libya by way of Frankfurt Germany on the Lufthansa airline. Complete itinerary as follows:


July 20 - Friday

Depart RDU: Flight 1455 at 1330HRS EST
Departing Terminal A
Flight Time: 1 hr 16 min.
Arrival Time: 1446HRS EST (Terminal F)


Depart PHL: Flight 427 at 1740HRS EST
Departing Terminal A
Flight Time: 8 hr 05 min.
Arrival Time 0745HRS (local) (0145 EST) (Terminal 1)


Depart FRA: Flight 4120 at 0920HRS LOCAL
Departing Terminal 1
Flight Time: 2 hr 50 min.
Arrival Time 1210HRS LOCAL (0545 EST)


And there you have it! I'm off again! (bebopping in my head to "I'm a Travenin' Man")

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