Wednesday, June 27, 2007

bad endings

bad endings honestly speaking i dont really like to express myself in writing. I only do it when i feel strongly about something. some recent events in my life(those involved know who they are) have in a way brought me back to my senses about people. I am normally very cautious when it comes to allowing people to get close to me. It's my way of self protection. I chose to ignore my better judgement recently with some people and i got burned. I chose to allow myself to draw close to ones i normally would not have. Unfortunately things did not turn out well and now those friendships are over. Disappointing and sad to say the least, these bad endings could have been avoided. All too often in life people ignore their better judgement and make decisions they know can very well end badly. I have spent a good part of my life not taking chances for that very reason. I wont say i regret my decisions because i dont. I only wish i had listened a little more closely to that little voice in my head saying "take it slow , be cautious, and dont get too close." Perhaps if i had i could have avoided my "bad endings


  1. As you said on the phone earlier when we talked tonight, I'm one of those who always comments, but I think this one deserves it more than some others.

    I see life from another angle, the opposite side of the coin that you do.

    I firmly believe that the greatest loves and the greatest things can only be achieved and valued for their worth if you have taken the greatest risk to achieve them.

    Love, friendships, success in life or business; it applies to all of them. I think some people just get "lucky" and fall into it by happenstance, but more often than not I believe that you have to "extend" yourself... put yourself at that point at which you're most vulnerable, before you can truly grasp those things in life worth having.

    That being said, more often than not, you fall on your face and get hurt. That's the sad truth of it. You and I both know that from our lives, but if you "clam" up and stay hidden inside yourself, unwilling to reach out to those around you who MIGHT be worth it... they'll never know you're there... they'll never take the chance either. The best, most cherished, things in life are those you had to really go out on a limb for.. the things you had to go beyond yourself to get. Once you have those things, once you finally grasp the right one, you'll cherish it more than any other in your life.

    Just my two cents.
    (ok... more like a buck-fifty...)

  2. i appreciate your candor tommy. thanks. I actually agree with you about taking chances. I normally have no problem with that except when it comes to females. Thats when i usually seem to get bitten the worst. But like i said i dont regret what i did. Just probably should have approached the situation a little differently.


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