Friday, July 06, 2007

Updates, while I have a moment

I'm waiting on some emails to come back from earlier today so I had a minute to upload some of the random photo stuff I've been doing lately. I thought I'd share.


See, I thought I'd be cute and get a picture of April cause she looked so relaxed sittin' in my chair one afternoon last week.

How did I get paid back? She came in at 7:30 one morning and caught me sleeping in my chair, where I'd fell asleep around 4 AM. Her's was a cute pic.. mine is less so... :(

And you're really not getting the full appreciation of the picture unless you notice that I'm kicked back, passed out, in a pair of freakin' house shoes.. lol. THAT's redneck right there. I think this beats Mani's "look at my shoes" post... how horrible...

On the cool side of the story, that's the afghan my mother made me just about twenty years ago. It's hard to believe it, but I remember when she was sewing that for me. I used to sneak in her yarn basket and steal yarn and string it all over the house while I played with G.I. Joe toys. She'd get so frustrated!

After a couple of years, she had made so many afghans that she had spare skeins laying around that weren't enough to match anything else, and not enough to make a full afghan on their own. So, she made me an afghan-of-many-colors when I was young. I've kept this thing since then. I can't remember how old I was when it was made for me, but this is the one piece of linen that I keep in the house. I was in such a rush to have it as a kid that she never got to tie the ends of it back in, the way you're supposed to. Now I remember that each time I cover up with it. Good memories. Thanks mom!


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  1. TJ-I made this afghan when you were ten or eleven and gave it to you at a birthday party at Pizza Hut. Your friends laughed when you opened it because they thought it was a "girly gift" (Richard Reed's words). You thought all along I was making it for Papa and called it the Joseph afghan. You never would let me have it back to tie off the loose ends. You said it looked like fringe. I am so glad it means something to you. I started Ray's many years ago and really need to get on the stick and finish it while I am still able to crochet. It's getting harder and harder to do without a lot of pain. Love you, Mom


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