Monday, May 02, 2005

Morning All

Good morning fellow Scoobs (and others of the blog ether who may see this.) I hope Monday morning finds you in good spirits, not that it's likely, being Monday and all, but the sentiment is there for you regardless. It's 7 AM now. I'm waiting on Tim and Hal to get here so we can prep for our meeting with Cox communications. I'm really stressing this meeting, which is never a good sign. I never go into a sales pitch stressed, but I'm really worried about this one. Cox is flying down their engineers from Atlanta this morning to take a look at our equipment and see if what we have will meet their specifications, and to make an evaluation on whether or not our team is up to the job. Not to mention, it's a one-shot deal. Either I win this today or I'm gonna be competing with them starting tomorrow. (Gee, No pressure!) To make matters worse, Hal is late. I reached him at home this morning a few minutes after 7 and he hadn't left yet. He was supposed to be here for this meeting at 7 AM. I guess he's waiting on his wife to get ready for work... so now he'll be here between 9 and 9:30. Gee.. thanks. First we have no warning about this meeting and I have to spend 2 thousand dollars on Friday afternoon that I hadn't planned to spend. Then I have to worry about the fact that I can't even get my team to show up to work on time, for the single biggest meeting we've had since we opened. Joy. THAT's a reassuring feeling. Why do I do this again? Thankfully enough Tim is on the way. He's late, but not too bad, AND he's been the one working all weekend to put this together for this morning's meeting so I have to give him a little bit of slack. However, if either of them shows up in jeans, I'm going to blow a gasket. What else have I been up to? Umm.. well, I finally got my Pitt County Chamber of Commerce membership for this business. Yeah! Being a Chamber member in Greenville is kind of an officiating step here. It gives you a lot more credibility with the local clientele than just having a company vehicle and business cards. Now I get to go to all the Chamber events and hob-nob, which I enjoy immensely. Well, I'm gonna run off here for awhile. I think I heard Tim pull up so I hope we're ready to get this thing started. Wish me luck... no, better yet, Don't wish me luck. Needing to have luck isn't going to be enough today for this one. Either we win it on skill alone, or we don't. Either Tim delivers his hardware perfect or he doesn't. Either I hit my sales pitch right on, or I don't. This is too important to me to leave to luck. So, how about just think about me today and have me in your prayers. PS: If you call me this afternoon and I don't answer, you'll know why. I'm in a corner crying somewhere having a pity party and figuring out what in the hell to do now that a month's worth of work is shot down the tubes. (Good thoughts, Good thoughts, Good thoughts, Good thoughts, Good thoughts, Good thoughts...)
Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold windy day.. DOH.. wrong thought.
Ok. Have fun all, and PLEASE post on the blog. It's getting so dead around here. It's me, bannag, and April for the most part now... I know the rest of your lurkers are out there, post something damnit.


  1. Well if we can't wish you luck... then I guess i can only sit on pins and needles waiting for you to let us know how y'all did!! Cell phone is on if you need to vent. Wish I loved out there that way I could actually kidnap the 2 of you and pour alot of rum into you in either celebration or in depression.

  2. Lol, that's sweet Ding! I don't know much, he hasn't said too much yet, but so far I think it's pretty good. I wish we were all close too, it would be lots of fun! I think it's gonna be a waiting game right now, probably a couple of days or so. . . but I'm sure everyone will hear about it!

    Thanks for the sentiment, it means a lot!

  3. Tommy, really good thoughts being sent from SoCal for you and your crew!

    Peace from SoCal,


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