Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy Memorial Day All

I've been sitting here working on a post since 8:30 this morning. First my browser crashed, then the day's vents started rolling and I've yet to complete it. So, now, here I am. For the third attempt at saying hello. As some of you know, we went to the Rascall Flatts and Blake Shelton concert last night in Virginia Beach. It was an awesome show. I grew up on the beaches of the east coast (literally IN the sand ON the beach) but it was still an amazing event. When we arrived, the concert stage was setup in the sand on the beach, right behind the hotel strip. (What i wouldn't have given to have one of those balcony rooms last night. I bet that was an awesome view. How often does a spectator get to see a concert from Above the whole event. I bet the perpective was beautiful.) It was the first annual patriotic celebration in Virginia beach annd it lasted from Friday evening until Sunday evening apparently. I can't imagine the exhaustion of some of those who partied all weekend there. I suppose their consolation is that they didn't have to work today. The show began with a fly over by the Langley Air Force Base F-14 Tomcats. Two tomcats came screaming across the deck at about 400 miles an hour. Slow enough to see, but fast enough to be impressive nonetheless. Someone made the comment that Nascar events get 12 aircraft, but a patriotic celebration only gets 2. I figure since it's the "first" annual event... maybe they'll get more every year.. kind of a bonus prize for success. Regardless of the number of jets, it has always instilled in me a sense of awesome wonder to watch them fly. They came in about 3-500 feet off the deck, zipped across the short strip of beach, levelled over the water and then pitched tail flap and kicked afterburners about a quarter mile out, zooming off into the wild blue yonder. Concert aside, I would have driven there just to see that. The show was opened by a Master Sergeant playing the Star Spangled Banner on an alto sax... very beautiful ceremony indeed. It was April & Me, Lee and Nicole, Bridget, and my friend from the old days, Tom Robbins. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, Tom keeps abreast of our lives from here on the blog and on my web site and photo gallery. So Tom, in case you're reading this, Don't worry.. your pictures will make it onto the site by this evening when I get home. By the way, I hated all of you at 8:30 this morning. I got home around 3:30 and fell immediately into bed. April woke me up poking and prodding me out of the bed this morning with that wonderful "Tooooommmmmyyy.... turn off the cloooooccckk," upon whence I rose, stumbled numbly into the shower and proceeded to wash.. I think.. in actuality I think I might have just slumbered against the side of the shower until the water ran cold. I don't honestly remember. With my work schedule going like it is lately, I have adopted the schedule of a real businessperson.. much to the chagrin of my friends, who just think I'm becoming an old man. But being here in the office in the mornings by 8:30 or so has made my day much more productive. It seems those at work have begun to see me as a little more agressive lately... lol. Some appreciate it, some resent it, and some hope it will wear off I'm sure. But anyone who knows me knows how hard it is for me to get up in the mornings, so if I can get MY sorry butt out of the bed and get to work, they certainly can to. Due to the lack of sleep this morning, I wasn't my usual prepared self at this morning's conference. I personally blame it on the holiday. I was present and accounted for, but I was pretty much a groggy bear until i had the first pot of coffee. That reminds me ( as I just picked up Hal's coffee cup and drank his cold coffee... that I need to get on him to clean his mess up in my office... dang it. I'm not a maid.) Having the new office has been a plus too. I got all my old furniture back, a 16 x 16 foot corner office, my desk, credenza, hutch, bookcases, conference table, and NOW I feel like an executive again. It's been a long time. It seems that the decorum and the way you dress truly do make in impression in how you carry yourself and how you feel about yourself, your job, and your dedication. I've been preaching this to people for years, but I forgot it myself in the recent months... I've been in blue jeans and polo's so long now that I forgot I had nice dress clothes. (Note to self: Throw these slacks away. Allison apparently decided that the 34 inch inseam was too long and washed them in something when we were together... shortening them dramatically. I just toss it up to yet another pair of pants that suffered the fate of her laundry days.) One guy running around this office with high-tiders is enough. I don't need to add to that particular fashion enigma. Well, I think it's time for me to head out. I'm going to get some bojangles and take it home to April and have lunch at the house with her. I'll see you all soon. P.S.> Please post when you get a moment. I really miss reading what you all do throughout your day. My day is so busy now that I dont' get the time for the phone call updates that I used to, and the blog is suffering lately. It seems it's been relegated to a place for re-posts of other blogs and bad jokes. The intent of its creation was not a repository for regurgitated humor, embezzled from other individual's borrowed humor. That makes me wonder, how many jokes you think get copied and posted from blog to blog in the course of one day? My friend Jonathan Watson has an amazing blog.. it's truly him; his life, his feelings, thoughts, emotions. I guess if I want to inspire that on my own site, I need to make the time to perpetuate it myself with meaningful commentary of my own.. hmm... *writing that on my to-do list* Ok all.. see you soon. I'm going to post the pics from the concert when I get home for lunch. Talk to you all soon.

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  1. Hello old and new friends. Just wanted to say that it was a blast being with you guys at last nights concert. Kim and I had a blast. Tommy, as usual, it was great to be around you. You know I think the world of you.

    Kim and I went back down to the cafe after you left and ate. After that we crashed. People in the bar were hilarious.

    We left around 9 am and on the way home we saw the Rascal Flatts 18-wheeler with the band equipment inside we guess!

    Again, thanks so much for a great time. I can't wait to see my "crossing the threshold" picture with Tommy! I look so good in pink.

    See you in a few weeks at Atlantic Beach!


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