Friday, May 13, 2005

Greetings From Me...

Hi all. I thought I'd make a quick post and let you all know I was alive. Seeing the last few posts before the pics, it seems like the only action on the blog was my life-story over the last few days... lol.. which is ok I guess. I miss seeing you all post though. Especially like now when I'm out of town and the cell phone is roaming. I had this nice plan of showing you all the pictures from my week thus far but it seems this fucking laptop wants to screw up tonight and not let me post any more. So, my one thing that I wanted to do will go undone this evening it seems. Quite frankly, my mood is so soured at this point, that I just want to throw it out the window of this hotel and watch it splat to the pavement below. Currently, I'm sitting in Waycross, Georgia. It looks like like Kinston if you carried it to hell. Wow.. this is a tiny little hole-in-the-wall on the way to nowhere. Anyway, I'm friggin exhausted at this point.. so please forgive me my indiosyncricies at this late hour. My last few days have been a blur of highway signs and fast food eateries. To the best of my knowledge, the last 72 hours have been pretty much this: Wednesday morning, get up at 6:00 and drive 11 hours. Eat dinner. Sleep 3 hours. Wake up, drive 3 more hours. Work for 8 hours in a 90 degree warehouse with sunburn. Drive for 6 more hours. And now I'm here. We got caught in a traffic jam, but thanks to Ping-Bot and our bad ass rigged-out Tahoe and GPS system, we completely circumvented all of Atlanta through back roads, cut off some time, and had a great (boring) drive here. At least I didn't get a damned speeding ticket this time. (Friggin bastard state trooper... although he did like my gun.. lol) Tomorrow, I get up ( in about 4 hours) work for 8 hours, drive for 9 hours, then get home (maybe) and fall out in my bed for 24 hours until time to prepare for Sameena's party (WHICH YOU ALL BETTER COME TO!) , unless I absolutely can't drive anymore in which case I'll re-route long enough to sleep for a couple hours in a bed somewhere and continue the drive in the morning. Sameena has got screwed on parties the last couple years, so all I want to do is have a nice dinner, appetizers, etc at my house and just have friends come hang out, spend time together, and just "be" themselves for a couple hours. I'd love to fill you all in on the last few days, but at this point, I'm just friggin tired. I've got tons of pics to share with you all, and lots of boring diatribe recounting the recent events of the previous days' events. Ugh.. I just ashed my cigarette in my coffee... crap... I don't have time to make any more and there isnt' enough here in this hotel room anyway... so what's a little carbon gonna hurt? On that note.. I love you all, miss you all, and I'm gonna get off here before my idea for a nice "hi" post turns into a foul-mood rant that no one would want to read. Night all.


  1. I thought Kinston WAS hell!? You mean there is someplace worse?

  2. Hell? It could be my 3rd and 4th period classes. Actually its Bakersfield. No, Bakersfield is the mole next to the armpit of California. Fresno is the armpit of California.

    Drive safe Dude!! You need to be around since Ding is about ready to move up a level ( finally).

    Fill us in after you rest!! Dont throw your laptop out the window! Send it to me, (lol) I can throw it into the California aqueduct. It wont be recovered for at least 50 years. That way it can survive long enough to realize how evil it was to you... and that the 6th layer of hell is being in my possession until it realized that its not a surf board.


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