Thursday, May 21, 2009

Recap on the last week.

   Well, I'm sitting here in my chair finally taking a few moments to myself before Kim comes over and we have a Gray's Anatomy marathon, accompanied by Krispy Kreme and coffee. I just wanted to take a moment or ten to write on my blog and try to recap the last week or so. It's been a doozy here in Greenville. I won't say I'm productive but I am busy. It's a shame the two aren't direct corollaries of each other, then I'd be rich already. If sweat equity could be cashed in like a 401K I'd happily pay the government its share and go retire on some island by now.


Since the bank won't accept accumulated sweat as a deposit on a house or a new car it seems I'm back to the grindstone. I hope today turned a new page in my work career. As I was walking up the stairs a few moments ago it occurred to me that I have finally accomplished something I've been trying to do for years; as of today I have put together my dream team. Tom started with us full time today and he has always been someone I've wanted to work with. He's got the vision and the excitement that I possess for success but he's also got a great customer-facing attitude and a strong ability to politic on the fly when necessary. I think he's going to be a welcome addition to our team. This also marks the last time I have to hire someone who makes more than me! lol. That's my next goal; to be enough of a business person to take this team I have and to put them to work in effective ways that make all of us more money, deliver quality and satisfaction to my customers, and to grow the business into something much larger and independent than it is now. We're branching out into new services, increasing the ability to deliver current services while decreasing the sweat overhead required, and streamlining our processes. The next step is trimming the fat; analyzing existing overhead items that can be cut out, perfecting our processes, and making room for growth without sacrificing accountability to our customers.  So... that's been my last week, and truthfully will occupy most of the upcoming weeks too.

Now I'm off to write a few more posts about non-related stuff.

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