Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Personal take on the last week or so...

The personal side of life has been great too, if somewhat physically exhausting lately. Now that Amy has the new house, her son, and her practice to contend with, I've tried to make it more of a possibility for me to go see her rather than trying to have her come see me. My partner has agreed to the new hours I'm working, at least on a trial basis, and we'll see how that goes. Basically I work Tuesday-Friday, then work Saturday and Sunday of that weekend, then work Monday-Thursday straight through. I pull a ten day week straight and then take off on Thursday night to see Amy. I return on Monday back to work sometime around noon, so I lose a day and a half every other week and work all the alternating weekends. I'll have to see how it goes, but this past weekend was the first time we've tried it and it was great. If she comes to see me we only get late Friday night, Saturday, and a very small part of Sunday together, not even a real 48 hours. If I go to see her I get twice that amount of time, which in matters of emotional real-estate is a reason enough for me to do the traveling.

I got in this past Thursday and got to see Paco, the new snake she's got. He's pretty if you're a snake person. She called me out on my last post about her snake so I'll include the caveat that I like snakes ok, but I'm just not a snake person. I somehow remain unconvinced that I'll remain that way for long... the dangers of dating a vet.

Friday was a great day for me. Amy went off to work and I went to diner for an early breakfast, stopped by Lowe's for some tools, and returned at 8:30 in the morning to mow the yard. It's the first time I've had a yard that I can in any way feel is my own responsibility to care for and maintain, so it's a nice step in the right direction for me. Silly me assumed that 3/4 of an acre would take me 2 hours or so. Not true. It should be noted that the contractor who built the new house was a good contractor, however his primary skill lies in landscaping golf-courses.... take that into consideration when trying to calculate how long it takes to mow that much golf course! It's the most beautiful yard with thick lush green grass that grown like a bean pole in a fairy tale. Ten days saw the grass grow 12 inches. Five and a half hours later I was done, sunburned, and thoroughly exhausted, but the yard looked good.

Friday afternoon saw me working in the garage, something I'd wanted to do since I first saw the size of it and thought of all the fun things I could do there. I spent the afternoon breaking down some of the antique tools my great-grandfather passed down to me and working on saving Amy's cast iron pans.

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