Monday, May 04, 2009


Ok, I’d planned to write this long article about my weekend and all the work we got done. Instead, I’m exhausted and have settled on providing you with the Cliff’s Notes version.

The short story is that somehow, and I have no idea how, four guys doing the lifting, 1 woman supervising and 1 woman keeping the guys supplied with food managed to load an entire 2400 square foot house worth of stuff, move it, bring it in, unpack it (ALL) and mow the grass and do cleanup in 5 hours flat. I have no idea how we did it. We weren’t hussling or rushing at all… it just went smooth.

I’m going to share some pics and then I’m taking a break and going to bed!


This is Dakota, my favorite. Amy says she’s hard to get along with but her and I seem to get along without problem. Mom, you might remember the story but Cody was Dakota’s mother. Cody is the Appaloosa Amy’s dad had when we were dating in high school that stepped on my foot and refused to move.  Dakota apparently shares some maternal traits, but she’s really good natured.


Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful? Looks like she’s posing.



Little Man is doing the stoic “I’m not looking at you looking at me” pose.



(sigh.. Mom’s never gonna feel safe in this house if I show this picture…) This is Frankie, Amy’s (and I decidedly say HERS because I refuse to have a snake as a pet) Albino Milk snake. He’s a month old or so right now, about ten inches long. I seriously almost decided never to ever ever ever tell Mom she had a snake, but I figured Josh would blurt it out anyway eventually so I might as well come clean. For the record, I had nothing to do with it! Snakes are cool and all, but I just don’t want to have to maintain a cage for something I’d rather wear as boots.


house pics 001

This is the new house. I can’t get the cable and internet wired up until TimeWarner brings in the line off the tap, which is supposed to be around the 13th, but we got all the rest of the stuff working and turned on. It’s 2,400 sq ft with the “Room-de-Bonus, Part Deus” still unfinished. I’m going to work on that in my free time… right, like I have free time! I don’t actually think I’m allowed to work on the bonus room until the back deck, patio, and privacy fence are built and finished…  Any of you guys got some free weekends and want to sweat for no good reason with me?

house pics 002

This is the south-east end of the house.

house pics 010

This is taken from the northwest corner, showing the garage.


This is me playing in an architectural design program, rescaling the house so Amy can decide what she wants to paint what color, where to add this and that, etc. I figured I can do a 3D mock up and play with the design ideas from there rather than trial and error. Took me a few minutes to learn the new program but I’m getting the hang of it now.


And this is the Sylvia and Mom shot as Amy waves bye.

I’ll do interior photos tomorrow. For right now, I’m going to bed.


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