Friday, May 08, 2009

Islamic Proliferation

Not sure what to think about this, but it was sent to me. I’m a little disturbed but I’m not sure if it’s at the thought that it is or isn’t true or if its because of my personal reaction to it… I’m interested in comments…


  1. Quite frankly, this is almost terrifying. The truly sad thing is that is Muslims truly believe in their "religion" and are not afraid to spread the word. But, Christians aren't sure what they believe in and don't have the time or the inclination to spread the word. I can believe that exactly what was described can happen; unless, we get off our duffs and tell the world about Jesus Christ.

  2. The blind unchecked fact grabbing and over the top rhetoric in this video are extremely dangerous. These kinds of attitudes have existed in our global religions for thousands of years and are responsible for countless wars and genocidal atrocities.

    Maybe its time we stop taking an us or them approach in matters of faith and divine will, and just let everyone do their own thing?

  3. Thanks for the comments, Anonymous. I agree with the sentiment for the most part, however sometimes it seems like the "let everyone do their own thing" idea doesn't work so well in our country. We used to do "our own thing" here too, until it got to the point that now we can't do "our own thing" without immigrant getting offended and asking us to change our thing to their thing...


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