Thursday, October 26, 2006

Morning All

Well, it's 9 AM and I've got a few minutes to kill before I start cranking hard on today's tasks. I've been quiet as of late on here but that's mainly due to the fact that we are working on getting ready for our next trip to Libya. It seems to take almost two years to get these projects ready for bids, but once the companies decide to open the bidding, they only give contractors about three weeks to generate the bidding material and deliver it to them. For reference, in America, it would usually be two months and they would offer you 100% of the information you needed to get the job quoted. However, in my world it never works that way. I've got a few good guys who have the skills to lay these projects out in their minds and I work them to death generating quotes, contacting vendors, checking and re-checking specifications for implementation, etc. It's a nightmare sometimes, but we love what we do.

On the local home front, I have a few updates for you. I'll cover them as I think of 'em.

Ok.. first, Tim and Claire are married. After a LONG and exhausting week of bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, drinking, and outright embarrassment, he went through with it anyway... lol. Yes, there are pictures. No I haven't had time to add them all to the blog because there are HUNDREDS of them and I think I'm gonna create a new photo blog for them. They might want their families to see them and I don't want their families to have to come on here to do it. So, when I get the time, I'll update with a photo gallery and post the link for all of you to see.

As you can see here, we were having a good time at the reception. You can click on the photo to see it larger. The Cast is, from left to right; Shane Miller, Me, Tim Pendergrass, Joseph Pendergrass, Chris Comeau, and Matthew Pendergrass. (lots of "ass"es in there.) 

Yes, that's the Mob.


Second new issue:

I have a new cat. No, I don't WANT a new cat. In fact ANY  man with three cats has to seriously sit down and spend some time evaluating his sexuality. The truth is, this is a cat that started hanging around our office in Kenansville. Honestly, she's a kitten, but she's so danged big that I forget she's not full grown. My secretary, Bobbie, started feeding her because she was horrible skinny. Well, now she's a regular at the office. 

Now, between the cold weather coming, the other wild cats around town, and just plain and simple bad luck, SOMETHING was going to happen to this kitten and I didn't want it on my conscience. So there... now I have a third cat. However, the reason I'm posting this because SOMEONE besides me needs to give her a good home. She's absolutely great and I love her to death. I'm trying NOT to get too attached to an animal that I plan to give away, but it's hard with her. She climbs up my chair arm, walks around the back of my chair and lays across my neck with her arms around my neck in a perpetual hug. She's completely loving and doesn't know a stranger.

So... if you think you can help, let me know.

I added a few pics of her so you could see her.

See? When you're not using her, she makes a great piece of life-like artwork.  This is her curled up in my bookcase last night while we were working in the office.


And for the FINAL news of the day: Daddy got a brand new big screen! Woohoo! I'm almost 30 years old and I've been wanting a big screen for most of my adult life. I searched all over town and finally got a deal I couldn't refuse. I love Samsung technology, so that's a plus because that's what I ended up getting. I liked the phillips models too, but I got the one that best fit my house and my floorplan, so I'm really happy. It looks SO much better in that spot beside the fireplace than my old entertainment center did. Best of all, I got it work with all my component systems AND it has a laptop VGA input.. so YES.. Daddy can play his games on his laptop and watch them on a 50 inch flat screen with Dolby Digital Fiber-Optic 5.1 Surround Sound. uuuuuuhhhhhhh....

Anyway, that's a picture of my new toy. April's loving it too. She's the WORST person to shop for technology with because she enjoys it as much as I do. What I NEED is someone who says "now Darling, don't you think we should save that money for fill-in-the-blank-stupid-thing-here?



Well, I've spent more time on here than I intended this morning. I'm going to have to get started on work and make up some lost time. I miss you all.... I'll write again soon.

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