Monday, October 16, 2006

Might as well fess up now...

Well, before the story breaks any other way and my fishing tales get any more poorly exaggerated, I'll show you my catch...

Yup.. that's it. Although I think I DO have the larger of the two fish caught today. I think I beat Raymond by at least a half a gram.


  1. Wow, impressive. Have I taught you nothing? At any rate, I thought I'd say hi and I dig your blog. I gave my mom the link, she just wants pictures of you & Hannah so this should keep her happy. I hope you're happy and I miss you. Much love~Cuz Katie

  2. oh.. you FINALLY visit and then you pick THAT photo to comment on? Geeze Man.

  3. Nice lil fishy Tommy...HATE the hat though! ;)~

  4. Shut up! Really? I love that hat. That hat has traveled 3 continents with me. lol. And the people in London loved it!


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