Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Photos Galore (ugh, again)

Well, after accumulating somewhere in excess of 14,000 pictures over the last nine years, I was at last forced to find an online medium capable of storing, sorting, tagging, and generally keeping order out of chaos. I've settled on Flickr for the job. Yes, I'll still occasionally post some on Google Images, MySpace, and Facebook, but I'm going to put the entire archive online for anyone who wants them on Flickr. It's going to take a while to perform the task, so don't get in a rush. I've uploaded over 1,340 today to the server but I haven't  even begun seriously tagging most of them yet. I've completed the majority of the "Friends" sections, but have LOTS to add to those as I upload the special events (Birthdays, etc) over the last decade.


The Africa photos will remain private for now because there are some people who could get into trouble if all of those photos were made public. Once they are tagged and geo-tagged, I'll make them available to anyone of my friends/family with a flickr account. The rest of you can view them, but there won't be anything with alcohol in it for public viewing. (Which we all know knocks out all the good stuff).

Anyway, if you want to check out what's there, you can visit the collections at:http://www.flickr.com/photos/tommyjordan/collections/


PS: I'm still updating and not even 10% done, so don't start giving me crap about them yet. However, it seems I can sort through commented photos pretty easily, so if you want me to caption something, edit something, or take it down, just leave a comment on it. I'll check those daily until they're all online and user-approved.


Going to bed now. Peace.


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