Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Ray!

Today is my brother's birthday. He's officially 27, going on 40, much like me. It seems so funny to think of him as 27 years old. He's still my little snaggle toothed brother to me most of the time. Anyway, I guess I just wanted so say Happy Birthday Bro! Love ya man!

Twitterpaited and I went to down to the beach this weekend to see Ray for his birthday a few days early, see mom for Mother's Day a few days late, and then came back to town ahead of the storms, though not by much.


We did get a few pictures of Ray competing in the Kitty Hawk Kites 2008 Hang Gliding Spectacular. I'll share 'em here with you below.

Hang Gliding Spectacular 226

The girls sat on the sand at the bottom of the dune to watch the pilots compete. I was stuck on camera duty, so unfortunately there will be no manly poses of me strutting around the sand dunes. Stop your complaining, please. I know I know. It's a travesty.



Hang Gliding Spectacular 115

Ray gets geared up on the dune, waiting for the wind to shift his way so he can get his run in.



Hang Gliding Spectacular 242

This is ray gliding in to the end of the course, after having had to run a slalom course in the air. He's pretty good, I gotta admit. I nose-dived last time I tried that... stuck upside down in my straps with my face in the sand while Ray and Hannah laughed at me. Looks much cooler the way he's doing it.



Hang Gliding Spectacular 191

Ray (right) and another guy are "chucking" one of their friends into the air in this shot.



Hang Gliding Spectacular 246

Mom wanted a family photo of all of us before we went home, so here it is. (PS: Mom, I lightened that shadow off of Ray, so I'll send you my retouched photo)

Hang Gliding Spectacular 250

April and I had to take turns to take a family photo with Mom, not enough hands to hold cameras otherwise.



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