Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Office Mayhem and the Fortress of Geekitude

Ok.. so here's the story. Shane and I have been fighting with the wording on the web site for about two hours now. Kris has been unpacking the 50 computers that came in for the Pitt County Boys & Girls Club. Tim has left for a service call on a printer in Wilson, about an hour away.


As our frustrations mounted about the web site and the cardboard kept mounting and mounting, we decided to take a little break and screw around with Tim's office while he was gone. Twenty minutes later we have gone WAY too far. Here's the pictures.




officemayhem 052808 (2) Ok. It all started innocently enough. Tim leaves for the service call with his mug-o-sweet-tea.



No, wait. Shane has to get in his "PR" kick for the day. He's taken today to randomly grabbing my office door sign from the front door and placing it in opportune places for maximum public relations effect.

At this point, all you know is Third & Wayne supports big mugs of sweet tea...
officemayhem 052808 (3)


officemayhem 052808 (7) After ten minutes of work completely burying Tim's desk in boxes, Dion falls into the pile while trying to navigate his way back around the desk.

At this point we adopted the "We can rebuild it. We have the technology" philosophy and recruited Dion to assist with building materials and construction supervision.


Again, Shane appears with product placement. Third & Wayne publicly supports cardboard office Jenga as an acceptable mental stress coping mechanism... officemayhem 052808 (5)


officemayhem 052808 (8) Now it's complete. There is absolutely no way Tim can get back to his desk without making a huge mess of it. (Which was the point of this entire exercise.)


See, it should have ended here. But no. Sadly we had more boxes left and nothing productive to do with them. So, now we get creative:


We began by remodeling his office door with a cardboard retro-fit, designed for more economical use of space. C'mon.. how many customers are really eight feet tall anyway? Do we really need that last foot of space at the top of the door? Let's just close this gap here, tape that spot there... ooh.. and while we're at it, let's get a sharpie and get crafty.
officemayhem 052808 (9)


officemayhem 052808 (10) You got it... that's right. Superman has his Fortress of Solitude... well, see Tim has this habit of disappearing mentally into this etherspace from where he starts crafting these unique and wonderfully innovative concepts. We have dubbed this space the "Fog."

Now, he can truly relax inside his Fog, aptly named the "Fortress of Geekitude!"


This is a play on my former powweb post from earlier in the month, mixed with a little humor from the canadian TV show, "Corner Gas." officemayhem 052808 (13)


officemayhem 052808 Five minutes after we are finished, Tim arrived back from his service call.

He didn't really say much about it... just walked around it, looked at us, walked around it some more, shook his head, and then disappeared inside his Fortress of Geekitude to plot our demises....



Now, you wonder what can drive IT professionals to this level of madness? Well, would you rather play with cardboard boxes or setup the fifty computers on the bench? This is our tech bench right now (shown below). And of course if you look close enough you can see Shane's PR product placement as well.

pcbgc 052808


What a day.


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  1. Looks like you & I are similarly productive today, cuz. I read the entirety of Jorge Garcia's (aka Hurley of Lost) blog. I laughed myself into a dirty look from my boss.
    More power to you.


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