Wednesday, May 28, 2008

China Owns The Ethernet


As much we American users railed and fought the idea, refused to believe, supported an anti-communist Ethernet model; it's too late.


Erik informed us all today that China now own's the Ethernet. All of it. From deep within the bowels of a sweat-shop Ethernet factory in China, our undercover agent who poses as a small chinese lady with bound feet, who shall only be identified as DVD.. wait.. MOO, wait.. damn...   


The point of the story is; China owns the Ethernet! Here is our irrefutable proof. Now we're going to have to deal with Zao-packet sniffing, Marxist traffic shaping, and possibly the rebirth of the nazi network packet, which will mercilessly slaughter all non-communist packets in a burning inferno of MAC-space.



After revealing this to the world, the special agent informed us he was going to try to escape the communist Ethernet superpower with his packets intact.

His only defense; the power of sheep-kick.



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