Monday, May 26, 2008

Blog Revised (I got bored)

April and I have been sitting around the house for three days now, not doing much of anything. It's our Memorial Save Money Extragablahza! After I made my post about Desmond I was sitting here looking at it and I realized that I hate the look of my blog. So, I did a little tweaking here, a little nipping there some major invasive surgery in other places, and generally tore some things out that weren't being used any more by anyone. I had to prune some of the comments because they were making my left bar all stretched out. (Sorry TomH and other guy). Removing those two seemed to make it fall back into place properly... something about long addresses being posted in comments makes it all finicky. Maybe I'll go look for a comment-editor that will make it easier to comment on here. Dunno yet. I'm not sure where this mood is taking me yet.

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