Monday, May 26, 2008

The Evolution of Dez!


I was chatting with Dez on Yahoo today. He's currently stationed in Bagram, Afghanistan, serving his tour in the Army. We got to chat online for almost an hour or so, while trying to find him a decent satellite Internet service provider with coverage in Afghan-land.  I was asking him about sending back pictures and posting them on his blog, which he swears he'll do one of these days. Anyway, that got me thinking about Dez and me, our history, and just exactly how far back we go together. We've been on and off for years, but I still consider him one of my closest friends. I started going through pictures and remembering the stupid times we've had, which prompted me to share a little with you. I hope he reads this and gets a laugh out of it like I did.



Dec 03 2000 21

Dez's 28th Birthday, December 3rd 2000. What was he thinking to ever let me capture this picture? Eight years later it makes its way onto the Internet and the King of Crass is memorialized as the Queen of Queer. lol. I love ya man. God, I think we were living over in Hampton Creek at the time, back when the Scoobs were in their first generation and in full swing. Man life goes by fast. Can you believe this was almost a decade ago brother?



october7 2000 14 October 7th, 2000: I got my boss Dave Moody to hire Dez on to work with us building sun rooms and doing general construction. We had gone down to Florida to work on Mr. Ed Week's house at Sailfish Point.

This picture was taken at 8 PM... he was sooo wiped out. I don't think either of had worked that hard in the sun in years! (Again, another photo you shouldn't have let me get on film you goof!)


Dez_Spoda Monday, August 26th, 2002: Des, Melissa, and I were sitting at Perkins Restaurant in Greenville, at "our table".. lol. This was the day he coined the word Spoda!

I can't tell you how many hundreds and hundreds of hours he and I spent together at Perkins sharing coffee while we went over web design ideas, business strategies, all the while gobbling blue-berry muffins by the boatload.


0406 Tripoli-111 Jump ahead four more years and we're up to April 8th, 2006 and I've drug Dez on assigment yet again, this time to Libya Africa where he and I shared our first Hooka pipes together. Now I've got him convinced to come to a third-world country, eat bad food, and be underpaid. I'm not sure if I should be glad he accompanied me on some of these adventures or mad that he didn't talk me out of some of them. Either way, we always did them together.


0406 Tripoli-136 A week later, April 19th, 2006: I got Murad to sneak us a $150.00 bottle of five dollar vodka in Libya. I got the bottle because we were celebrating the first guys going back home. Desmond was due to be on the plane home in the morning. I went downstairs and ordered 15 strawberry cocktails and we commenced to emptying that entire bottle of Vodka in about three minutes!


desmond-bagram Fast forward til today, Memorial Day, 2008: I talked to him today from Afghanistan. He's serving in the Army and spending a year away from his wife and baby girl in order to serve his country. It's been a long trip through life together brother, but I'm proud of you. You're doing things I wish I could do myself. I hope when you get back that we'll get back into our groove together. ( I promise not to drag him into a new career, foreign country, or strip club again... ok... I'll promise two out of three. You choose which two!)


For those of you who want to visit his blog, he's promised to get it going again soon. It's located at  If you want to visit the web site of his unit, the 101 Combined Task Force, you can see it online at:


Love ya man. Be good!


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