Sunday, June 10, 2007

Photos Updated (see "Scooby Photos" Link on Left Panel)

I got tired of looking at all the pictures sitting in various folders on my desktop, waiting patiently to be published to the web, so I decided to start the morning off by syncing and updating all my photo albums online. I'll keep this post short, because I'm going to join Marisa and April at the pool as soon as I finish this and so I can allow the computer to upload the 1190 pictures I just added to the collections. To date, we have 11,196 photos of this group and its exploits. I'm quite sure this should qualify for some sort of record somewhere...

I'm not going to link to all the updated albums in this post, simply because I made too many updates for that to be efficient, but I will point you in the right direction if you want to see the new material.

There are three main categories on my photo site. They are Friends, Special Events, and Libya Photos. Traditionally, Special events is updated with ALL the pictures and then the ones of individuals are copied to their own album in the friend's category, allowing you to find that particular picture of you if you want to, rather than hunting through the thousands in the archive. I'm sure I've missed some friends updates, but ALL the pictures are updated in the Special Events category (with the exception of Hanah's Graduation, London, and Lee's wedding (which I still can't locate some of...)

The updated Special Events Albums are:

  • Doc's Visit Home May 2007
  • Marion's New House
  • Lee's Bday, London 2007
  • Wedding- Lee and Nicole
  • Boating 2007
  • Nature

There have also been 500 additions to the Libya Photos master category.

The following albums in Friends have been updated as well:

  • Doc Holliday
  • Coon Dog
  • Ed Prophet
  • April
  • Marion
  • Marisa
  • Lee , Nicole, and Logan (Added today)
  • Tim & Claire
  • Tommy - ME

I think that's about it.

In case you're a goob and can't find the main photo site, you can get to it by clicking HERE.


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