Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Birthday Party Planning

(Updated Thursday June 20, 2007)


Ok. It's about time I made this post, so I can get started getting things rolling for the birthday shin-dig this year. Most of you know we're doing a pig-pickin' this year down at my Mom's house on the water. I REALLY want the scoobs to come. I'm doing it at Mom's because on my 24th birthday I cooked a pig at my place here in Greenville and Mom got to come and hang out with all of us and she really enjoyed the pig, the Scoobs, and it was just an awesome day. So she asked me to cook her one for her birthday at home... and I tried to turn that into a tradition for her each year. Last year I wasn't about to do it because I was in Africa, so I missed her birthday altogether.

My birthday is on the 24th of June and hers is on the 7th of July. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to be here on the 7th of July, so I'm trying to get it done sometime before I leave and my birthday happens to be a day that I know I'll be in the state. It's also April's mom's 50th birthday, the day after mine. SO, we're celebrating my 30th, her 50th, and my mom's 50-something-ith.

For those of you who don't know, my mom has a single-wide right on the water and a pretty huge yard. We've always had a blast down there when we do this, so I really want you ALL to come. It's probably going to be the last chance I get to have a get-together until October, because I'll be leaving early July for Africa again.

I'm going down there either Friday the 22nd or early Saturday the 23rd. The pigpicking itself will be on Saturday. Usually I start the pig around 8 AM and it's done around mid afternooon. In the meantime, a few people usually bring boats down, canoes, kayaks, and volleyball gear.. so we're usually all doing something all afternoon long. The water is beautiful, the yard is full of soft green grass, so whether you're into laying in the sun and drinking margaritas, or canoeing with the boys as we race up and down the coastline, it's fun for all. That's all the sales pitch I have, so PLEASE consider trying to come. I promise you'll enjoy yourself.


WHEN: As I said, the pig-picking is Saturday all day long, but you're welcome to come down on Friday. I'm figuring most will want to come down on Saturday and if you want, we have worked out a discount rate at the hotel in town. The Duke of Dare has been having my mom do their taxes for thirty years or so, so she's worked us some cool rates. There ARE plenty of room at this time, but we need to get head counts NOW for who' staying overnight so we can inform the hotel. My mom has offered to get the rooms in her name, so those staying will just need to pay her for the room.

Each room is $77.00 per night and has two queen-size beds, so we'd planned on doubling-up to make it affordable. It's too much to ask people to pay almost a hundred bucks to hang out for a day, but if we do it road-trip style, and choose who wants to shack-up with who in advance, we can do it really cheaply. April and I will be getting a room so at least one couple can crash with us in our room. That makes it $37.50 for the other couple or a little less than $20.00 per person.

WHY STAY? Well, after the party has come and gone and I clean up the yard a little, we usually take all the 4-wheel drive trucks and head for the beach. We run down south to Oregon Inlet and put in on the sand and scoot down the tide-line to hang out and have a few drinks at on the beach.... drop the tailgates, turn on some beach music, pop a few tops, and just have a good time.... nothign rowdy, but it's a once-a-year thing that we can't always do too often, so we try to maximize the day's hours as much as possible.

Alternative to Hotels: My mom has made the point that ANYone who wants to is welcome to stay at the house, though floor space is first-come, first-serve. A few of you, Wess for example, are bringing a tent and gonna camp out in the yard.. which is perfectly cool with us. I'd do that too if I had a tent!

PIG: I'm going to get Jody Griffin's pig cooker on Friday and April is going to pick up the Pig in Washington from Acre station. I REALLY need an honest-to-god head count in order to know how much pig to get. Last time we had a 120 pound pig... and that's probably too much unless the crowd is big, so just let me know be responding to us or here on the blog.

Things to bring: Nothing is required of you if you can come. You're already spending money to travel there, and possibly stay in a hotel, so Mom, April, and I will pay for the necessities. However, if you're ranklin' to cook a side disk or you WANT to help out, there's going to be lots of small needs to fill, such as coolers for drinks, drinks themselves, side dishes, etc.

List of Potentials: (Red=Confirmed/Black=Unknown)

(This is where I'm trying to list everyone and note if they can or can't come. Please let us know so we can plan for you.)

  • Tommy/April/Marisa (Hotel)
  • Tim/Claire, Anne Marie/Murph (Hotel) 
  • Kris/Danielle (Hotel)
  • Cathy/Frankie (Hotel)
  • Mom/Raymond (House)
  • Joe/Bridget (Hotel)
  • Mom/Hannah (House)
  • Jean/HG (visiting only)
  • Amanda/Josh (visiting only)
  • Zack/Heather (visiting only)
  • Miranda/Jimmy (visiting only)
  • Leann/Daughter (House)
  • Jacob (visiting only)
  • Bryan/Amber (visiting only)
  • Wade/Girlfriend (visiting only : bringing boat)
  • Jodie/Jamie/Christy/Kim (semi-confirmed)
  • Faris/Brandon/Gail/Jeff (Visiting only)
  • Wess (Tent.. lol)
  • Nancy Brown, William, and Emily (visiting only)


  • Pig and Pig Cooker: Tommy
  • Inflatable Mattress: Tommy
  • Ski's and Vest: Tommy
  • Paper Plates, Accessories,etc: Raymond/Mom
  • Boats:  (let me know if you can bring one)
  • Tables to put food on: Anyone got any sturdy folding tables?
  • Others to be determined.



Here's the food list that I have so far. I need volunteers. Just make a comment about what you want to bring and I'll edit the post to put you in there.. first list, first serve.

Update 6/12/2007: Thanks for the offers so far! Almost done!

  • Yellow Corn (In the husk) OPEN
  • Potato Salad:  Miranda
  • Potato Salad: OPEN
  • Deviled Eggs: Faye
  • 1 Dozen Deviled Eggs: Bridget
  • 5 Bags Chips: Marisa
  • Ice: Ray
  • Pasta salad: Amber
  • Cole slaw: OPEN
  • Veggie tray w/dressing: Bridget
  • Veggie tray w/dressing: OPEN
  • Baked beans: Brenda
  • Bread/Rolls: OPEN
  • Bread/Rolls: OPEN
  • Banana Pudding: Gail
  • Ice Cream Cake: Brenda
  • Cucumbers in Vinegar: Bridget
  • Honeydew Melon: Tim/Claire
  • Watermelon: Tim/Claire
  • Hot Dogs: Brenda
  • Hot Dog Rolls: Bridget
  • Brownies: Jean
  • Brownies: Amber
  • Other Dessert: OPEN
  • Macaroni & Cheese: Nancy
  • Green beans: Jean
  • Butter beans: Faye
  • 12 pk drinks – mountain dew: Brenda
  • (3) 12 pks drinks – Coke Classic: Marisa
  • 12 pk drinks – pepsi: Ray
  • 12 pk drinks – Other: OPEN
  • 12 pk drinks – Other: OPEN
  • Sweet Tea: Brenda
  • Paper plates, forks, cups: Brenda
  • Napkins: Bridget
  • Condiments: Brenda

If you can think of something that need to be on the list, add it as a comment. (PS: Dont add unless you're volunteering! lol.) We're trying to fill all the slots for this stuff at LEAST, so be creative with additional stuff and help me finish off this list.



Highlights from Years Past:






So.. please please please come if you can. If I've forgotten to add you to the list, it's not on purpose. ALL are welcome to attend and all are wanted! The more the merrier.



  • The only rule I have is no one gets SO drunk that they cause a scene. This is a fun-filled, drama free weekend on the beach. No babysitting of grown folks. If you want to have drama, go somewhere else, because you WILL be ejected from the event! lol.
  • Pets: Lots of us have pets and mom has a big yard, so a reasonable amount of pets are acceptable. If you want to bring your dogs, just be aware that when the food is served they will need to be stakes, or roped up in the back yard so as not to cause a mess while we're trying to eat.
  • Kids: While I'm sure SOME of the language will get a little raucous once in awhile, the general idea here is to have a good time. If you would like to bring children, we will have plenty to entertain them with as well.


  1. Tommy - I should have read the blog before I emailed you.One thing to remember with the pets, if you are going to stay in the motel, that will be a problem-they aren't allowed.Also, if you carry them to Oregon Inlet, the park service has really tightened the rules regarding leashes, dog "poop", etc. Also, you will be expected to clean my yard also.I also want to re-emphasis the fact-
    please keep the party reasonably clean until most of my family has left. Then, you can party for real.I want everyone to have a great time - I really look forward to this. Also, I need a motel room count as soon as possible so I can turn it in. I'm not sure we can get them for one night; but I will check this week and let you know.

  2. TJ, are cousins invited? :-)


  3. HELL YEAH you're invited! Can you come? That would rock! Bring your boy...

  4. Wait...i thought the party was the 15th-16th...Now i'm reading the 23rd? There's a slim chance I can make it the 23-24th. I'll be at my mom's in Elizabeth City on the 22nd, my cousin will be at her house. They are leaving Sat am. Delayna will be with me, but there is a possibility she could stay with my mom and i could come down for the night. All of this is slim, give me a few days before counting me in. If someone needs an extra body in a room, I might could just go ahead and pay the 1/2 (even though I would be stag), and reserve a spot, even if i can't make it, what's $40? I would LOVE to make it at least 1 year. for some reason, i've missed out on the last few...

  5. M,

    That would be really awesome if you could come. You're like a "battery" to the life of the party.. it would be great to have you (and Delayna) there if you guys can come.
    I'll have Hannah there too, so she'd have someone near her age to play with

  6. Tommy and April
    I am waiting to hear from Rhonda and Mike. I will let you know asap.
    Sure sounds like fun!!
    Love You.

  7. i'm like the "battery" to the life of the party? maybe in my younger years...but not so much anymore...being a mom & wife can do it to ya. plus, can you believe, i don't drink anymore. or, at least i haven't in about 2 months...getting this body baby ready!!! (but, a can forsee the peer pressure at the pig pickin! can one day really hurt???)

  8. Tommy - I have 3 more guests for the party - Nancy Brown and her children Emily and William. I think that is all of mine. Mom

  9. Guest List: Updated 6/9/2007
    See main post for complete list.

  10. TJ - you left off Jennifer and Brianna and Faye (visiting only). Thanks, Mom

  11. Thanks mom. Got' em now. Also deleted 1 from my list, but added three.. lol

  12. TJ - Add to list - Faris, Brandon and Gail and Jeff. Gail and Jeff are a possible but she doesn't think she will have to work. I will email the food list - it's too long to put here. Mom

  13. Added.
    I'll work on the food list when I get it.

  14. I'l volunteering for non-parishable/not have to be cooked foods since i'm coming from visiting family at my mom's house. I'll bring 3 12pks of cokes and 5 bags of chips

  15. Mom: As per your email. I added Amber for her things to bring. Tell her I said thanks!

    Marisa: Thanks to you too honey! I got your additions marked off on the list.

  16. TJ-I will be able to get tables and some chairs from the church,and I hope the canopy.I will check on the canopy and volley ball net Friday. Don't forget I need the count of rooms and nights for the motel. Thanks

  17. TJ-I would really love to have any of the guests that stay Sat. night go to church with me Sunday morning.The service starts at 11:00 and the preacher is not long-winded. You don't have to dress up. Would you pass this on to those that don't read the blog.I am really getting excited about the event.

  18. I would love to be able to go to church, but I will have to leave before then to get back to Elizabeth City (that's where Delayna will be). Mom has to work Sunday night so I need to make sure we are out of her hair and have any messed cleaned up so she can sleep during the day.

  19. Put Tim and Clair down for 2 honeydew and 2 watermelon. :)

  20. TJ: Bad news, count me out. I haven't been home on a weekend in almost 2 months and I have to move out of my apartment before the end of this month so I am kinda busy! Have a blast and hug my aunt and other cousin for me. :-)
    Much Love~ Katie

  21. Ok, Bridget claims
    Deviled eggs
    Veggie tray
    Cucumbers & vinegar
    Hot dog rolls

    She may join us on Friday night, she may not come til Sat, but she'll share the room with Joe if needed, or she can crash with Marisa, Tommy, and I.

  22. Marissa, Tim and Claire, Bridget - thanks for signing up for some of the food. And Katie, I'm really sorry you won't be able to make it. I haven't seen you in so long. I am so very excited about the party. I am taking off Thursday afternoon and all day Friday to get ready. Everyone needs to pray for pretty weather. Looking forward to seeing all of you.

  23. TJ - everyting on the food list has been purchased except the cole slaw and I think Raymond will get that tomorrow from the Dunes unless you have someone who wants to bring that. We got everything else this afternoon except the ice which Ray will get Sat. morning from Pirates Cove. I also got a game package today that includes volley ball and net, badminton, plastic horseshoes for the kids, and couple of other kid things.

  24. So...are ya gonna update with pics of the most recent shindig? I'd love to see any fun stuff my girl did while she was with ya! And did any of her graduation pics turn out??????


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