Monday, June 04, 2007

Hi Everyone

Well it is great to be back on the blog. Tommy please take the drunk Mexican picture of me off. It looks Horrible!!! Lee I hope you had a good birthday. Also Happy Anniversary to Lee and Nicole. Sorry I couldn't make dinner last night. I had to work all weekend as well as move into our new house. For those of you who don't know Mark and I left The Exchange ( smiling) and we are now living at 4393 Old Tar Road in Winterville. We now have some peace with no College students around. I would love it for all of yall to come to see the new place. You too April, I know you saw it Friday Night but you havent seen it since we unpacked all of the boxes. Mark and I are gonna plan a get together/pig pickin' once we get everything completely settled. I want to plant my garden and have flower beds first. So what has been going on with everyone? Marisa is Delayna feeling better? Well I am at work so I sould actually do some work. Tommy Mark and I will talk tonight about the beach trip. Hopefully we can come. I will let you know something soon. Talk to all of yall later.


  1. What's wrong with drunk mexicans? I have a preference for them. Especially when they're named Paulo and Alejandro! LOL

  2. Tom we need to hang out sometime. I haven't seen you in forever. How are you?

  3. Dude that drunk mexican picture is like the Bud poster.. no teens would become alcoholics if there wasn't those bud posters... no scoobs would come if they didn't stand half a chance of being caught unawares in a sombrero!


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