Wednesday, June 27, 2007

NASCAR BASH: Birthday Bash Post-Event Write Up...(geeze, get off my back man!)

Ok ok ok. I'm glad we have dedicated readers on here, but c'mon man. I get posts on the blog about writing posts on the blog! (kidding). I'm glad you all want to see all the pics and hear about the events. So, without further ado...


It was GREAT! A few of us went down Friday afternoon to just kind of hang out and play around; no plans, no itinerary, no schedule. We just wanted to get a little fun in before the hullaballoo on Saturday started up. I pretty much knew that my Saturday was going to be spent staring at Wilbur (the pig) all day so I wanted to get in some relaxation in advance.

With that in mind, Ricky Bobby (My brother Raymond) decided to lead us to Tortugas Lie for dinner. Now, if you've never tried to get dinner at 5 pm on Friday in Nags Head in the middle of tourist season, you don't know what you're missing! While waiting for a seat at the restaurant, a few of us went and got beers and then we all walked over to the go-kart track to kill some time. Ricky Bobby works there so he got us some deals. (Thanks again for that!).

I can't imagine when a bunch of grown adults have had more fun acting like 12 year olds. I know this is going to take up some bandwidth for you overseas users, but it's worth it to see some of these pictures Mom and April took while we were "racing" at about 22 miles per hour. Hey! Don't laugh! It's like almost 40 in kilometers per hour!




As you can see, I'm riding with peanut.. she wouldn't drive on her own, so we rode together and played bumper carts with eveyrone else, oblivious of the big "No Bumping" signs posted everywhere. I'm pretty sure the attendant considered himself lucky to escape the scene with his limbs still attached.


As you can see, Bobby LaGoofy (Tim) was putting some serious thought in to his turns. His skill as he slips in past Murph on turn 1 to take the lead is just the beginning of the fun.

Again.. look at the concentration on this man's face. He's taking his racing very seriously... primarily because his wife is yelling from across the track.. lol

Clairssa, star of "Clarissa Shames Them All" uses a new feminine technique to gain the competitive edge in racing. Apparently being a woman allows you to lean your head into the turn and your hair like a ram-air scoop, pushing that extra mile per hour out of those weed-eater engines.

And it's Ricky Bobby in turn one, showing off the ease with which he masters the track!

Not to be daunted by the Murphinator, Clarissa Shames Them All once again takes the lead out of turn one, headed for the back stretch.

Yet another example of her feminine wiles. See that sneaky head-bob she's got going on there? She's using jedi go-kart powers to eliminate her competition.

Goofy LaBonte pauses to shower his adoring fans with a smile. (Personally I think he quit paying attention long enough to stare at that really cute russian check running the ticket counter, but what do I know?)

Kris refuses to let up on the Murphinator coming out of turn one, but Murph smiles all the way to the finish line.

I get a chance to sneak in and rub some bumpers with Ricky Bobby and Hannah in the second run.

As I sneak in on Goofy LaBonte, unbeknownst to me, Clarrissa Shames Them All is burnin up my rear fender as she comes in for the kill, using that jedi head bob again! Dastardly Woman!

Denied! Finally... someone puts the she-jedi in the wall!

The Scooby Cup Winner's Circle.. or line.. or polygonal shape..... whatever!


I'll post more in the next post. Don't want to put TOO many in one post for the benefit of making commenting easier.



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