Wednesday, June 27, 2007

After The Race: (the weekend continues)

As I said before, after a half hour of running in circles like a bunch of kids, we finally got to go in and eat. We had dinner at Tortugas Lie, and old place I used to hang out in when I was growing up on the beach. It was neat to go back there again after all these years.

Carribean food, Reggae music, and an oyster bar.. what else can you ask for?


Granny B waits patiently for her food... she's gonna yell at me for posting this pic.

The tourist-scoobs had to sit at another table. You know, we local's can't be seen eating dinner with out-of-towners!

My girls! We were all having a blast. I'm not sure exactly WHEN Hannah stole my cowboy hat, but she looked really cute in it.

Aww.. look.. a southern Father-Daughter moment shared over a beer... how absolutely Nags Head can you get? lol.. (PS: It's a root beer!) We were trying hard not to bust out laughing while it was being taken.

 Same cuteness... just no beer. The other one was a priceless shot though!

That was about it for dinner.

After dinner, we dropped Mom off at her car and she headed back home while we decided to try to tackle the beach at night. I've loved driving on the beach all my life and I was really looking forward to a chance to test out the new four wheel drive Ford Truck I rented for the occasion. It was a complete blast! We loaded up my truck and Tim's truck and headed out in the dark to explore the beaches of Oregon Inlet. It was too late that night to get any good pictures, but I got some on the next trip to the beach.

After this, we dropped the gang off at the hotel and April and I mosied on down to Mom's house for the night to prepare for the LONG next day. I had to be up at the butt crack of dawn to get the pig on the grill.


  1. Dear Sweet Jesus, that girl is a Jordan. I'd know those brown eyes anywhere. She can probably walk to the mailbox and get a tan can't she? Same as all of us. Sorry I missed the festivities, but I'm glad it was a good time had by all!


  2. beautiful daughter, nice to see her :o)


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