Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Flight Information

Yup, I'm leaving again for Africa. My apologies for not writing more sooner. I know I've been slack lately, but I've been extremely busy trying to gear up for this flight. I promise to write a lot from Africa and to check the blog often for comments and new posts from you guys.

For those of you who want to know, this is my flight schedule for my departure:

Flight Plans:

Friday, January 25th - Departing RDU on Flight AA 4656 2:55 PM EST
Arrive in New York at 4:30 PM EST

Friday, January 25th - Departing JFK on Flight BA 176 7:30 PM EST
Arrive in London at 7:30 GMT (2:30 AM EST)

Saturday, January 26th - Departing LHR on Flight BA 898 9:30AM GMT (4:30 AM EST)
Arrival in Tripoli, Libya at 3:00 PM GMT+2 (8:00 AM EST)

Contact Information:

As always, it's lonely over there and I'd love some communications from you all while I'm gone. The following ways are easiest to reach me.


Posting on this blog...

Libyan Cell Phone: 011-218-92-744-8702
Libyan Home Phone: 011-218-21-340-8626
Yahoo Messenger: alornmage
Skype: tommyjordanati (I think)

If you would like assistance with time and date conversion or want to know what time it is wherever I am, I'd suggest this web site here. Or you can just try to remember that I'm 7 hours ahead of you. So... call me ALL you want.. just don't call me at 8 PM ... (Marion.....)


Love you guys! All of you! Will write more soon. Please comment and keep in touch!



  1. I'll send a little prayer up for you and the travelers.
    April, a prayer for you, too, as you experience this (again).

  2. Have a safe trip. Enjoy.

  3. Ok, I just realized.... his days are completely wrong, but the dates are correct. :) Tommy should be in Libya now.... let's hope he gets settled in ok. I really, really wish I was there!! LOL

  4. Hey Superman,
    Maybe I'll get to see you the next time you're on my side of the pond. I haven't seen you in years and that is seriously deplorable. Have fun in Tripoli (that sounds so odd) and I love you! ~Katie


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