Monday, January 01, 2007


This picture thing better work. If not, I might have to go shoe shopping. Most of you might not know, I am a belly dancer. Well my day job is teaching and I cant quite quit that one.

This performance we had to choose countries, dancing to Christmas music. Belly dancing to Christmas carols isnt really fun. However I found this cute story in Spanish called " El Burrito del Belen." Its a kid's story about the little burro who goes to Bethlehem following the Christmas star. So I dressed up my hair like a kid and basically free danced this entire thing. You cant really see the veil fluttering behind me much less my infamous smirk saying " Blessed America! There are people in the audience!" or maybe it was, ___________ ( insert some nasty word here) What am I going to do next?
The other picture shows part of my back tatts. No, right above the belt. Yes, they go below the belt. No, I dont have any more pictures of them on this computer. I kinda like the picture showing my back better.

Anyway, Happy new Year everyone. I think it was about 80 degrees out and the sirens were fairly quiet. then again I was pretty plastered at home watching Jeremiah. My ex- what ever he was ( friend with benefits) is in new York with his GF and her BF ( its a triad, works for them but they all couldnt handle me I guess) and they were at Times Square. I didn't watch because I knew he would be there and that made me ... well pissy.


  1. "El Burrito de Belen"...for a moment there I thought we were talking Taco Bell! Great to see your post, DIng. Hope 2007 goes well for you! Peace!

  2. Awesome post Ding. Keep it up! Send more pics and updates. It's great to read stuff from other people on here.. it's like my own personal newspaper.. lol.


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