Saturday, April 09, 2005

Saturday is here again

Good morning all. I begin this diatribe to the collective etherspace from the comfort of my home-office. I have arrayed near me the potent goodness that is Krispy Kreme, accompanied with the usual cup of coffee. I hope this beautiful morning finds you all in good spirits. I, myself, have decided to forebear any actual "work" today and instead enjoy the solace that is my girlfriend. That, most likely, means a healthy dose of City of Heroes, supplemented with a large amount of coffee and munchies. It's been a really long week. I got back into town about 8:30 Thursday night. I had intended on posting Friday to the boards, but being out of town for 48 hours left my WAY behind on my work, and as usual, everyone is too lazy to do anything themselves, so they left me the issues to handle upon my return. Friday began much as it usually does. Half the team didn't show up for work on time, so I had to do my work as well as theirs, which is par for the course lately. I gave Tim the day off Friday because he had to go home to be with family. His Great Aunt died on the day we went out of town and he had to attend the funeral. So, those of you who see him, pass on your condolences as you see fit. Friday night was the usual, Scoobies and a little drama, but not too bad. April, Myself, Doc, Megan, Tracy, Nicole, Jenny, Marcus, Jo, some canadian guy, Charles, and a few others went down to Cafe Caribe to try the food last night and listen to the dueling pianos. As I suspected, the "downtown" fever has infected this fine establishment as well. When you add Rob LeGere and Tony Stone playing the pianos to the whole mix, any semblance of cultured entertainment went straight out the window. Instead it was dinner served over a rock concert atmosphere... very strange. The food was however, Great. Post Rhumba, April, Doc, Marcus, and I went back to the OC for a little familial comfort... and to get to a place where we could hear again. We spent about an hour there and then came back to the house. Coon Dog came over around 2ish, so that was a nice addition. Of course, since Doc was in town, she came over in a jiffy... lol. Tracy was apparently extraordinarily drunk, and decided that it would be fun if she called Doc 40 million times last night while he was out with us. So, needless to say, my night with Doc was less than enjoyable. He got pissed every 2 minutes because his phone kept ringing, or text messaging. Eventually, I gave up on the male bonding and went to lay in bed with a book and read awhile until I fell asleep. Apparently, even without a girlfriend, I'm not going to get to "hang out" with my best friend until the ex drama ceaces. All in all though, it was a good evening. Now I'm going to hop on the CoH server and see who's online. How was y'alls weekend this far? I know that Gecko and Natalie and a few others were at a party until late last night... how did it go? Talk to you soon. *poofing into the ether*

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