Saturday, April 16, 2005

Finally... It's Saturday! Thank God!

Wow guys. It's Saturday at last. What a week this has been. I haven't been looking forward to the end of the week as bad as I was this week in a LONG time. I guess I'll update you on my week thus far and let you know what I've been up to, then see where my conversation train takes me from there. Wait.. you'll have to pardon me while I get another cup of coffee. (That's a BIG cup Thiago and Natalie bought me from Florida!) OK.. that's better. Oh.. you know who called me this morning to bitch about something? Scott. He called my phone and the phone has been SO busy that my voicemail is full. So what does he do? He calls my home phone and leaves a voicemail telling me that my voice mail is full! Ugh! Considering I had that voicemail cleared out yesterday morning, that means that sometime between 9 AM and 1 AM this morning, there were 25 calls that left messages, on TOP of the hundred or so calls I was on, PLUS the other phone that rang off the hook all day. I really wish I had a way to just push a button and forward ALL the phones to a voicemail that said "Hi, It's Saturday... I'm not working... get a life!" Why am I not working you ask? I know.. I'm always working! Well, not today. I'm just simply too mentally exhausted to continue my role as COO of Computer Techs today. I'm taking a break. When I logged my hours this week, I'm at over 80 hours for the week JUST between Monday and Friday. So NO, I'm not going to work today.. I'm tired and I earned the day off. Yes, there are still things to do, but they can wait for Monday... which is when all annoying things are SUPPOSED to be done. That's why God invented Mondays in the first place. So, now, what happened to you all this week? I really want to know. It's been dead here on the blog lately. I'l tell you my week. Monday I had to get up 2 hours early to haul ass to New Bern to handle a potential new customer who's computers fried. Two of their main computers went down and we were the only company open to answer the phone at the ass crack of dawn. Now, with their two computer aptly and promptly fixed, I stand a chance to deliver a proposal to handle ALL their IT solutions for the future, so that was a good day, if a hectic one. And no, that's not all I did that day, but that was the highlight event. That and the conference call and meeting with Cox Communications that I had at 3:30, but I'm not about to post the contents of that meeting on a Blog for obvious security concerns. Tuesday, I had to get up 2 hours early again and get to Raleith first thing. Well, NOT first thing actually. It was supposed to be first thing, but Scott lost some parts we needed for the job. After tearing apart my truck and calling me to tell me to search my house for them, where were they? Right where I said they were in the first place in his office. (supressing my told ya so grin). So, Tuesday we went up to Raleigh and wired a Kirkland's department store. That is slowly turning into a national contract for us. Yeah!!! (Pardon.. got to go check email. I can't stand wondering what that little envelope means at the bottom of my screen. Maybe Bill Gates is finally getting around to reading that resume I keep spamming him with and wants to call to hire me to be the next CIO of microshaft!) Nope... it was just annoyances from the accountant. Whose accountant works on Saturday anyway? Ok. Wednesday I had to handle wiring Klein's doctor office up. That job has been a nightmare-clusterfuck if I've ever seen one. God! Additionally, I had to have "that" meeting with Dan later on in the evening and THAT never makes me feel good. I had to cut him from full time pay to contractor status.... which I hate doing, but I've got to do what's in the best interest of Computer Techs if I expect Scott to let me do this job. If I'm gonna have the position, sometimes you gotta do the nasty things too to earn the position, and that's one of the nastier things I have to do. Thursday... I can't remember thursday. I think that's the day I had to spend all day doing bookkeeping and trying to get the bills out in the mail. (Neither of which got completed due to everything else that cropped up during the day.) Friday: Ugh.. I felt BAD Friday. I woke up with a horrible Hot-Flash, which Bannah dutifully reported to me could be attributed to one of a million things, NONE of which are particularly good. But when I finally did get moving around Friday, we got to working on eBay stuff and trying to get the custom quotes out and shipped to the eBay customers who were waiting for products and pricing. Last night April, Marcus, and I went to Longhorn for dinner, just for something different. It was pretty good. In my opinion it ranks about even with Lonestar. They say the steaks are better, but I'd put them about even. This steak was juicier...but didn't have any particular taste that made it outstanding to me... but what do I know, right? Then, April and I came home and made plans to play CoH all night. I called the guy we play with in SoCal and he met us online, along with some other friends we have regular sessions with and we played until about 2 AM, at which point I went to bed and read a book until about 4:30, then fell asleep. Today, my plans may be to go to Lowes and pick up the railing I need to make my closet organized into a library.. a REAL library. I'm not sure though. I think that may be more exertion than I truly feel up to today, so I may just plan it out and go do it tomorrow. SOOOO.. now you know what I've been up to. What have all YOU lurkers been up to out there in Scooby-Space?

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