Thursday, April 21, 2005

Letter From Mike

Hi all. I thought you'd all want to see this. This is the first letter April and I received from Mike Etheridge from Boot Camp. He wrote us earlier this week and asked us to pass this information on to all of you. I can tell you from experience being there myself that these guys really really really appreciate getting mail. A simple letter from you can make their whole day. It's not like they're at war, but it feels that way to them while they're there. I still remember the rare times I got letters in boot camp and I've saved everyone I ever received. So, if you can take just a minute and write him a quick hello, I know he'd appreciate it more than you can possibly know. In case you can't read it, his address is as follows: PVT Michael Etheridge 1:5 D Co. 1/329th IN 6071 Hall St Ft. Benning, Ga 31905 For those of you who don't understand the instructions on the letter, take a GREEN magic marker or crayon and color the 4 corners of the envelope when you mail him. This will make sure it gets to the recruit training station much faster. Otherwise, it might be 2 to 3 weeks before he receives it. If you have any questions, just post it as a comment and April or I will answer. You can click on the letter to see it full -size. I scanned it in the comptuer so you could all see it. (April's Idea)

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