Friday, April 15, 2005

Just wanted to say Hi to everyone in Blog-o-land!

I just wanted to say hi to everyone out there! I've been feeling a little perky this evening, which is weird, since I've been "sick" all week (ladies-you know what I'm talking about). I'll just give a rundown of how my day went. . . . I got up early, 9:30 or so, WAY early for me! :) Then Little Bit came over with the Lil' Man, I swear he's just tooo cute! So we chatted and all while I was waking up, nothing like that first cup of coffee in the morning, thanks baby, I owe you for that! Then I went in to wait at the restaurant, since one of the girl's was sick. Had a pretty good day there, no terrible tippers, very pleasant customers, and a pretty easy day, not too busy. When I got home I brought my lunch with me and ate here, while Tommy and Scott tried to have a business meeting. . . . I don't even want to know what that was about. After lunch I go run some errands, and come back to get ready for a friend's jewelry party. Now I guess this is where the fun started. . . . . . I mean, who wants to be the one selling the jewelry? Not the one that host's the party, but the actual "saleswoman?" This poor woman had to get up in front of all of us, who ranged in age from 3 mos. to 55 yrs old, and play games and explain to us about her jewelry. Now, if any of you have ever been to one of these things, you know what the jewelry is like. It's cute and all, but you have to order it, then wait for it to be shipped to the host of the party, and then she has to get up with you for you to get it. . . . . which can mean a couple of weeks or so. But easy me, I feel so sympathetic to these poor people who have to resort to having parties to make money that I bought a pair of earrings. Now, they're really cute, and I don't have anything like them, but I seriously could have gotten a similiar pair at the mall for $5-10. I spent $26, for shipping, and tax, and all. Oh well, couldn't help it, I felt so bad that no one else bought anything, or wanted to have parties of their own. After the party, Megan, Tracy and I went to O'Cools, cause Backseat Romeo was playing, so we decided to go out for a few drinks. Nicole from Daytona's, joined us, as did a guy friend of Megan's. It was nice, but all of us wanted to call it an early night. Ed and Justin were doing a great job, as usual, and we had a round of drinks on one of the owners, since another bar's girl's decided to come hang out. :) When I got home, Tommy was already playing CoH, so I decided to join him. For once, we had a good team of people and accomplished a pretty tuff mission relatively easy! And we were done by around 2 am, which is extremely early for us! That leads me to now, it's quarter to three in the morning, and I guess I'm just rambling away to no one, or anyone that will pay attention. I know there hasn't been a lot of posting lately, but maybe I'll just start posting like this some too, just letting my brain run and do whatever it wants (ok, I'm so having a Tommy moment right now). Just wanted to say hi again to anyone that's out there, and thanks for paying attention this long, and I'll leave now and let everyone else get back to the more interesting things they have to do. . . . Love you all, have a great day, and a great weekend! Drop a note if ya want to say hi back!

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