Friday, March 09, 2007

Photos from our night out Shaggin

Well, I should say the girls night out shaggin'. I just ran for drinks and looked pretty all night. lol. We had a really good time. Danielle and Marty came out to join me for the night and now I have a shag-date on Sunday at the Bistro. Anyway, here are some pics from the evening's events.



Those of you who haven't been there in awhile would be impressed with the new look going on at On Cue. Frank has done a pretty good job of upscaling the place. This is the Embers singin' something... I don't remember exactly what.

The usual devilish duo.. rarely found together without the presence of alcohol, but always having a good time in style!

You didn't really think I was goingto let a photo opportunity pass by when I had a chance to be in the middle of two chicks did ya?

Me and Marty!

D! and Me! I can hear her now... take my damned picture down.. you know I hate seeing my picture online.. I'l kill you.. etc etc etc.

Me and April just hangin out.

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