Sunday, March 11, 2007

Greetings World...

Sorry I've been so lax in posting lately. There's really not been much going on that's blog-worthy of late. Since arriving back from Africa this last time, we have pretty much been running in overdrive preparing for our return trip for the new client. Can I just take a moment to say I'm SO glad I won't be going back for the GECOL project any time soon? That one is officially done and out of my hands.

Mainly, as I said, we've been gearing up for the VEBA project, running our small private company jobs here in the regional area, and training up on fusion splicing techniques. Sounds like fun huh? Well, I'll say this... it passes the time.

Tonight, I'm off to shag lessons at the City Bistro. They started having lessons on Sunday and it gives me something nice to do to get out of the house a little during the weekend. I wish I'd done something earlier today. It's absolutely gorgeous here today.

Well, I'm going to go back to enjoying a book on my patio in the sunlight until time to leave for Shaggin. I just wanted to say hello to the world. Drop me a line any time.



  1. have u seen this?

    hopefully wot u wrote will be taken into account

  2. I did indeed see it. Thank you for sharing it with me. I commented on the blog and will keep an eye on it to see what happens.


  3. A few of you asked me about the site that linked to me. Here's the link. It also contains all the comments... an interesting read if you're familar with the libyan culture at all.

  4. Bismillah

    Salam to you Tommy :D

    Of course I'll drop you a line mate I'd be delighted. I'll email you tomorrow since its really late right now and I got to travel early morning so tomorrow it is(Inshallah lolololol..I'll write in your blog too ;) weeeeee

    I'm impressed and respect ur commitment and sincerity very much :)

  5. Tommy, I saw the Arabic writing on the side of your blog "it looks cute" looking forward reading your future posts
    take it easy :o)


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