Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm in Greenville.. no no no.. the OTHER one....

Hey all. I'm down in Greenville, SC for training. Been a long day here. Tim and I are working at the AFL manufacturing plant, getting fiber certified! Yeah! This will add 14 more credit hours towards my BICSI certification. It's been a really long long day! We've been throwing around figures and acronyms all day to the point that my skull hurts from just thinking so much! Tomorrow I have a full day again, culminating in the CFOT exam (Certified Fiber Optic Technician), which will put me one step away from being a certified partner for AFL and two steps away from being a full fiber instructor. So, wish me luck!

Tonight's gonna suck though. I was looking forward to spending about three hours in the hot tub, but it looks like I'll be spending three hours in front of this computer instead, writing notes all night on test materials for tomorrow.

Right now, however, I think Tim and I are gonna take off and get some chow.

See you all soon!

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