Monday, March 19, 2007

Morning... grrr...

Morning World! It's almost 7:30 and I had a few minutes so I thought I'd say hello. I've got a long day today. My boss forgot to send in the payments for my child support for the last 4 months, even though he deducted it from my check, so I get to go enjoy a visit to district court this morning! Joy!

Thankfully, he wrote me a check for the amount he was supposed to pay, so all I pretty much need to do is show up and pay it and things should be ok againl. The child-support officer I'm working with is the first nice lady I've ever met within the realms of the child support system.

Just a curiousity, I wonder how much money and court cost they'd save if they'd simply make a phone call and say "Hi. Did you know your direct draft hasn't been coming in regularly? Can you check on that for us?" They'd rather waste EVERYONE's time by simply filing court orders, throwing around subpoenas, threatening people with jail time, etc. Anyway, it's being handled this time so I can't complain too much.

After that wonderful start to my morning, I get to drive all the way to Maryland to do a job for a customer. We have a customer's store to install cameras in today... so it's a long day on the road for Wess, Tim, and myself. We're hoping to make the job a one day trip, but we will likely wind up in a hotel tonight, too exhausted to make it all the way home. Dunno yet, really. We'll have to see how it goes.

How have the rest of you been? The comments from the American side of the realm have been sparse lately.

On the contrary, the African interest in the blog has grown substantially over the last few weeks. I've had numerous traffic from Britain and Africa, due to some of the posts I made while in Africa. Hell, one of my posts ended up quoted on a  lot of different blogs around the world. I know it's nothing to some people, but the exposure and interest generated was neat to see. I can tell you ONE thing for sure, I'll be sure to condider my words a little more heavily the next time I sit down in Tripoli and compose a 4 page rant on the cultural aspects of another country...

Speaking of that, I guess most of you know we're gearing up for another trip to Sand Land here shortly. I'm currently waiting on the Letter of Credit to arrive from Africa, via the bank of London. Once that gets here, I can ship the equipment. After that starts, we'll wait about two weeks and leave for Africa. The shipment will take 38 days to cross the atlantic ocean, change ships in London, and be carried on to Libya from there, so we'll still be there in plenty of time, however it seems I'm back to the waiting game.... waiting on the customer to do something they should have done over a month ago... ugh.. some things never change over there.

Well, April's heading off to work so it's my turn to jump in the shower and get ready for this long day. You all have a wonderful day and I'll "see" you soon.


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  1. Ok so you want an American to post to your blog well here we go. You have to come by my house sometime before you go back to Africa, because I know you love plants as much as I do. I have been working on my deck for the past 2 months and finally have it 95% finished (building stage). I built a second level (8” above ground level) off the right hand side of the existing deck, with a pergola (kind of a huge arbor or trills) over the top this added another 150+ sqr feet to the deck. Saturday I just about finished ripping out the old landscaping around the old deck and putting in all the new plants and mulch. I planted Confederate Jasmine at the entry side of the pergola and Carolina Jasmine around the outside of it. This is matched with pink and white Indian Hawthorn, once the last frost hits I will be able to plant the rest; Nandina for that nice deep red color, Crate Myrtle for a little privacy, and all the flowers, I hope to have this finished by the middle of April. Other than that I haven’t really done anything, haven’t shot at the farm since you and Wess went. Mary and I went out Saturday for St. Patrick’s day and to celebrate a friends birthday and mine (note: he is Irish with a birth day on March 17th so you know that was fun).



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