Friday, March 02, 2007

Comments Fixed

Ok. I've finally fixed the comments section. Apparently it's been a problem for awhile now because blogger updated their code. No one had informed the guy who wrote teh hack yet, so when I did he fixed it in a jiffy! Now... I just need to actually POST something on here. I'm really not lazy, I swear. I just got back and now I've had to reformat my laptop twice (upgrading to Windows Vista Ultimate) so that's taken most of my working time during the days lately. I promise I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. Back soon with some content.


  1. Tommy, I've already experienced the pains of Vista the finished product on an AMD X2 4600 and it sucks bad (oh so bad). The person I did this for wants to go back to XP badly. Just my $.02

  2. Hi Tommy in one of your post below a reader hoped none of the Libyans were reading your rants and raves about our society ...

    Well guess what ? I'm one of those Libyans who actually do read you; the good AND the bad :P

    Shall comment more next time in the meantime glad you have a safe trip .

  3. Highlander,

    Thanks for taking the time to Comment. I really appreciate hearing that people read the blog.

    If you ever have the time, I'd love some insights from a local person over there who can shed light on your society... I've learned lots and lots already, but most of what I learn is from other europeans who are working there. It's rare to have the insight of a local.

    Hope you visit again!

  4. I have actually been following your blog for a while as well and enjoyed many of the pictures :o)


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