Saturday, September 30, 2006

Africa: Day 84 (Coming Home Soon.)

Well, it seems almost strange to be saying this after so long, but Guess What? We're coming home! *doing my little happy dance*. I'm not sure what I look forward to most, but on my top list of "things I want to do when I get home" are:

  • Get served a medium-well USDA steak, complete with baked potato, butter, a salad with no olives, and RANCH DRESSING. (They have no salad dressings in muslim countries... yeah.. NONE, though oil and vinegar are readily available.)
  • Use the bathroom without having to carry my own toilet paper around in my pocket like a freakin' idiot.
  • Enjoy a nice cup of american coffee! (I wonder if anyone ever cleaned the coffee pot at home before I left?)
  • Go to a bar and have a shot of Southern Comfort... Just because I can!
  • Drink alcohol that wasn't prepared in sweatsocks... No really.. I'll explain later. One word for ya: Bocha! Just ask Gregg and Mike what two glasses of that stuff will do to ya. I got pictures! Lol
  • Wake up to the sounds of birds for a change, instead of jackhammers dueling at dawn!
  • Drive... (I can't wait to see my jeep again.)

There are hundreds more things I can think of, but I want to take a minute to write down our flight schedule if anyone needs it. Here it is.

  • Depart Tripoli, Libya on flight BA 899 on 10/9 at 1500 (9:00AM US)
    Arrive in London at 1740 (1140 AM Us)
    Depart London, England on flight BA 183 on 10/9 at 2000 (3:00 PM US)
    Arrive in New York at 2200 ( 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time)
    (Sleep in the floor at the airport until morning.)
  • Depart JFK on American Airlines Flight 4706 on 10/10 at 8:20 AM
    Arrive in Raleigh at 10:10 Am.

There ya go. I'll update with more "real" content later. Right now I have to hurry up and do nothing, like I've been doing for about three weeks.

See you all soon. I can't wait to be home!


  1. Well, just so you know... Marion and I are planning on doing a "Welcome Home" dinner when y'all get back. We just need to plan a time.

  2. Do you need me to come pick you up from the airport?

  3. contrats i know u r going ot be glad to be coming home for a while


  4. Just so you know...Bridget and I cleaned the coffee pot out a couple of days after you left. We gotcha covered, buddy! LMAO!

  5. Rogue: Welcome dinner sounds great, as long as it includes a steak, baked potato, and salad. That is the very very very first meal I plan on having when I hit the states. lol.

    Mackenzie: Brother, you can't imagine how glad I'll be to be home!.

    Culligan: Thank god... good.. I'd hate to see three month old coffee-funk in the pot.

  6. I hope you certainly get your meal upon your arrival home! Look forward to hearing more about your adventures (or not, if you get all-talked-out about it).
    Safe journey home, my friends!

  7. Hey,

    I see you've enjoyed your stay in Libya :) but couldn't help but notice you whining about the coffee. It is usually great I can't imagine why u don't like it do u make it by yourself? or buy it from coffes shops ? Usually most restraunts/coffe shops in Libya are bad ( libyans like eating at home they only use restraunts and coffee shops for hanging out or getting snacks ) you need a local to show you the best and their usually is only one good place for anything you want, which is why foreigners usually don't like it; cause they don't get along with the libyans very well, seems the muslim kid u have working with you doesn't like you very much. As for the "Boucha" it is illegal so what were u expecting u could've gotten something original from one of the foreign embassies though:).


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