Monday, September 25, 2006


Well, we're both in Africa now, and if you're one of our family, friends, or anyone else who wants to leave a message on here, you can do so by leaving a comment on this message. Just click the "here" button below and it will take you to a page where you can post a message. If you're a blog member, of course you can make your own posts. I just put this here to make it simple for some of the others to communicate. If you want to READ the comments, click HERE.


  1. Well, Darling you know I love you and that I'm thinking of you. Fly safe and let me know when you land so I don't worry. (wow.. this feels like a role reversal)

  2. Hey Little Lady, I sure hope the rest of your flight was better-A/C
    and all. Love you, Mama

  3. To contact her at her hotel, this is what you dial: (in case you are unfamiliar with international calls)

    Cell Phone: 011-218-21-335-0676
    Land Line: 1-011-218-21-335-0676
    Her room number is 1330 right now. I'll update that if it changes.

    It's an international call, so you don't hear the "ring" sound that you're used to hearing. Instead, you'll hear about a 3 second "beep" sound. That means the phone is ringing.

    Once you get through, ask for room 1-3-3-0. These people are arabic, so they won't know the word "thirteen-thirty".. so pronounce the numbers and they'll get you the right room.

    I hope you find this helpful.

  4. Scratch That: As of June 16th, April has moved to the apartment with Mike and Tyrhon. Apparently they've furnished that now, so it's ready to live in. They are expected to have a phone within a week or so. I'll update you more when I know more.

  5. New Update:
    As of Friday Junne 16th, April has moved into our company apartment and out of the hotel. Additionally, Dr. Moe got her a perosnal cell phone so I can get in touch with her and so she can travel a little more safely.

    The number is: 011-218-92-559-7257

    Remember she's 6 hours ahead of us, but you can call her on this any time. She has free incoming calls on that phone from anywhere in the world.

  6. Hi April!
    Hope everything is wonderful. I thought of you (I did!) as I performed at a morrocan resturant Monday night. I thought, Man, April must be able to see bellydancers liek they are dime a dozen! I was jealous just a itsy bit.
    Hugs, Coli

  7. Actually, Ding, I haven't seen ANY yet, but there's supposed to be a few places around here that they dance, and they're supposed to be pretty awesome.... I might just wait until Tommy gets here so as not to leave him out..... hehehe We'll see though! Thanks for thinking about me!

  8. Hey Little Lady,
    I bet you are counting down the minutes until Tommy gets there:)
    I was so glad to hear he is on his way. I hope his flights are ahead of the tail winds and maybe get him there a little faster!!
    I miss you so much and I know it has been hard on you being all by yourself. Maybe when he gets there you can go out and see the whole city! I wish I could see it, too.
    Have you even been to the beach to work on your tan?
    Grandmama has a new computer and can get e-mail now!!! Her address is Suprise her sometimes and maybe she will figure out how to e-mail you back. She wants me to tell her how, but I don't know how AOL works and she is on dial up, so, I can't talk her through it on the phone. I guess I will have to go over and show her:(!
    Connie e-mailed me that Tink is having heart problems. He has a 100% blockage in one artery that is too small for them to get in to. She told him to get a second oppinion. Have you ever heard of one being too small? He is not getting enough oxigen to one part of his heart. He is in Ohio with a family he met when they lived in VA. I can not believe he would get that far away from his Mom.
    I hope you have a great weekend!! Give Tommy a hug for me, if you need an excuse for one more:) LOL
    Love you and Miss you!!!

  9. April,
    Hey there! So, finally got to go with them! Are you having a good time? I know Tommy is glad to have you there! Say hello to he and Tim for me. Ya'll be carefull!
    Lisa Respess

  10. Lisa!! OMG thanks so much for commenting!! Tommy and Tim will be excited to see that!

    It's amazing here, his pictures from the last trip do not do it justice! Believe it or not I was actually here for about 3 weeks before he got here, so it was pretty fun to be able to see things without him, although it's been really nice seeing the places he saw with him. Make sure to keep a look out for new pics!

    Thanks again for commenting. Take care!

  11. aaahhh! Welcome to Libya! Enjoy your stay.

  12. Well Hello!!
    So an old dog can learn a new trick.

    Some G-Vegas gossip:

    On Cue is no more. Frank was meeting with a contractor today to make some major changes. Greenville's newest night club will be Mixer or Mist or Burgandy (TBA) Dance floor, light show, couches ... Only 3 pool tables will be left.

    Our favorite poker playa, Joel, is in jail for the next 6 months....

    AJ got married last weekend.

    School is back in!

    Love ya,


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