Saturday, September 02, 2006

Photos of Independence (Addendum to Day 55 post)

These are some more of the photos April took around town. I thought she'd like you to see what we get to experience over here. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as she did driving all over town taking them. (lol).

This one was taken at the roundabout near Gurgash Street. The three locations you see lit up below, form left to right are the Bab Al Bahr Hotel, the Five Tower office complex, and the hotel Corinthia. The hotel is the tallest of the three.

This is another shot of the Hotel Corinthia. You have to really see this place in person to understand its immensity.
This is Green Square. We are standing about 200 feet to the left of where Gahaffi will be making his speech. It's after 11 PM and the downown area is as lively as ever. It's like this every night in Libya, minus the lighting of course. These people go out and hang out every night of the week.
I just took this to memorialize the event. How many times in our lives will we be able to be in a foreign country together to take pictures? Some people never get this chance, so I wanted her to be able to have a memory of the night in case we don't get the chance to do it again.
Looking down the street towards Nasser St from Green Square.

Lights Lights everywhere!

Ok, if ANYONE believes that's an angelic halo, I have news for you!

More of downtown Tripoli at night.

Stadium lights cover the square in preparation of Ghadaffi's speech on the 9th of September. You can best believe there will be hundreds of Libyan sharpshooters on the parapets of the castle. (Yet another reason to stay in and watch a movie!)
This is El-Shat street, directly in front of the El-Saraya restaurant. We took a final shot before heading back to the apartment to make coffee and smoke some Shisha!
I don't know if anyone has the heart to tell them, but these guys at the El-Khabir, one of the most notable hotels in Libya, have the wrong number displayed on their building. They replaced the room's balcony bulbs with green ones (Libya's national color) in a grand display of patriotism that can be seen for miles, however you can tell they wrote "38" instead of 37 with the lights. Maybe they're just optimists for next year's party?

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  1. Hey!
    Thanks so much for the pictures. I know how it is to discover that the US are not the only ones to have holidays, and how differently other countries celebrate theirs. It is a once in a lifetime experience, you will never forget. Smells are associated with them all.
    In the US, every festival has Cotton Candy, funnel cakes and peppers and onions going on, and when we were in Germany, all of theirs had some kind of fish on a stick, propped up against a burning log, cooking. If you know how I feel about fish, that was not a smell I associate with anything good.LOL!!!
    Speaking of festivals, Sammy Kershaw is going to be at the Stampeed, this year. They said he plans to be hanging out, all day, because he loves these kind of things. I hope his wife is with him, and sings. Lori Morgan, in case you didn't know.
    Grandmama and Granddaddy are going to renew their Wedding Vows, at Church tommorow morning, for their 50th Aniversary, so, I have GOT TO go Shopping for something to wear, and you know how I feel about DRESS SHOPPING:( I would rather be shot in the foot.
    I'll say goodbye for now.
    Love YOU!!


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